My Advise to A Raila Basher And Why Raila’s Record As Lang’ata MP Is A Non-Issue

19 Nov

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Do you know the difference between my tenacity and yours? Hint: One builds on the positive, the other builds on the negative; one sees the glass as half-full, the other sees the glass as, well, not even half-empty but completely empty even though it’s either half-full or half-empty, depending on who is doing the description.

No amount of Raila bashing is ever going to elect any of his opponents; do you know why?

Because people have had enough of it and no longer give anyone credit for it no matter how good or lousy they are at it.

You’ve got to take the No.1 slot among Raila bashers and I must give it to you, you are good at it but even you would agree sooner or later this is a strategy you must abandon and try something new for it’s not working!

Start from associating or identifying yourself with an alternative to Raila as our next president.

The list of those who have expressed their interest is long but in reality, there are only a handful of candidates from among which our next president is going to be elected.

Pick any of them and use the energy you are expending ranting and railing against Raila to make a case for them why they are better than Raila and why they should be elected instead of Raila.

Start by listing their accomplishments before you demand to know Raila’s here, which, in fact, you know fully well what they are but would rather have everyone believe you don’t; only those who know nothing about Kenya would not know what Raila’s accomplishments are.

But this rant about Raila “doing nothing” for his constituency “Kibera” is one I and others have addressed a thousand times, starting with pointing out Raila is an MP for Langata, not just Kibera.

Indeed, earlier this year, I penned a blog An Online Comment By A Kenyan Regarding Raila and Kibera in which I posted some of the specific things Raila has done for residents of Kibera, which is a part of his constituency and recently, in responding to someone making the same old but factually incorrect claim about Raila and his accomplishments, I noted the following:

The “ODM supporters and other supporters” you were with were either closet PNUs or moles of G7 or whatever the latest G is, if they could not immediately and rapidly tell you at least 5 Raila accomplishments as co-CEO last four years, which include (1) leading in the campaign for, passage and promulgation of our new Constitution (2) Stopping Kibaki from abusing the freshly minted new Constitution and thereby ensuring the indelibleness of the constitution (3) Saving the Mau forest (4) Starting to reverse the culture of corruption (5) Re-establishing Kenya’s good name and stature globally, after the dark days of PEV, through his network of connections and state visits, resulting in more investment in the country; an ongoing process (6) Ensuring implementation of road projects across the country he initiated even way back as Minister of Roads, Public Works and Housing (7) Overseeing the Task Force on energy that is ambitiously pursuing and so far successfully implementing an energy policy that is aimed at making the country energy sufficient besides helping in the overall growth of the economy (8) Having the government focus on the plight of the youth and yes, thus far successfully implementing KKV, whis is one of his initiatives working in conjunction with the World Bank (9) who can forget his vitendawilis and jovial self, which the country needs because it cannot always be grim, grim and doom as reflected by his opposition and lastly but not least (10) Successfully thwarting efforts by PNU to render him irrelevant in a country he was elected but not sworn as president, which is a solid plus on leadership ability.

It is for these reasons and more that Raila is gaining, not losing support across the country and ditto for the reason I and others strongly believe RAO will be our next president.

These are but some of the highlights of Raila’s accomplishments.

As I have previously said and you echoed in your post, the campaigns are ahead: Raila will make his case for his accomplishments and why he is the best qualified to lead our country forward, and if his opposition will join you in listing his “wrongs” as their ticket to State House, please do so.

BTW, did you know that if you showed up at Treasury and asked UK to drive you to his constituency, he’ll be unable to do so and wouldn’t even recognize it, if you dropped him off somewhere within the constituency beyond where he is accustomed to stopping by and sipping some ahh, tea? LOL.

My point being, Raila will put up his record as MP against anyone, let alone as PM which no one comes even close to having anything to compare; not even the Minister for Finance who can’t account for billions still disappearing from Treasury, while Raila has been vigilant and dogged in his continued fight against corruption.

Peace, Love and Unity


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