Miguna’s Allegations Are Problematic But Should Be Investigated Nonetheless

19 Nov

Miguna Miguna has made a very serious allegation about threats to his life and has reported this to the police, which should conduct and quickly conclude its investigation of this matter, given Miguna says identifiable people actually went to his relatives to make the threats.

I take him for his word that these threats were made.

The best thing for all of us to do, is to pray for him and hope he is not harmed but it would be idiotic to even think that threatening or harming Miguna is something Raila or anyone in ODM would condone, let alone direct as Miguna insinuates.

Why? What for?

Eti because of his articles?


For every critical or harsh article Miguna has written or can write, there are a thousand worse by others, including right here in these fora and none of those Raila bashers have been the the object of physical threats or harm of any kind from anyone.

Why would Miguna be different?

Any number of people, including Raila’s enemies and opponents or even Miguna’s own enemies that have nothing to do with Raila and ODM could easily and more plausibly be the culprits.

Indeed, it could even be Raila or ODM supporters acting on their own and that is even more plausible than to insinuate that Raila or ODM would even think about such yesteryear way of dealing with critics.

Again, let the police do their work and if what Miguna says is true, then the police should have the culprits in custody by now or in days as it’s Migori we are talking about not New York or Hong Kong or even Nairobi for that matter.

This is the time to let the police do its work and not the time to unnecessarily invoke past instances of political assassinations or attempts that have ZERO parallels to this allegation.

Finally, Miguna’s contention that “My life is more sacred and more important than someone’s delusional belief that he has a God-given right to the presidency of the Republic of Kenya” and demand for reinstatement of his security detail totally undermines his claim regardless of the outcome of the investigation.

Kenyans from all walks of life are threatened with their lives and/or are actually attacked and even killed for reasons that have nothing to do with politics but their lives are no less sacred than Miguna’s to warrant any less protection from our government.

This kind of assertions introduce politics to an otherwise serious allegation making it easily dismissible as another political stunt even when it may be an isolated case of criminal conduct by individuals acting on their own and not at the direction of anyone at worst.

Peace, Love and Unity



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6 responses to “Miguna’s Allegations Are Problematic But Should Be Investigated Nonetheless

  1. Athaa

    November 20, 2011 at 1:47 AM

    As an advisor to the PM, Miguna grew big and larger. He tried to intimidate anyone who came close to opposing his always one sided ideas. When he suddenly lost his job at the PM’s office, he tried to indirectly focus his guns at the PM himself for greater attention. The PM being who he is ignored him and blatantly refused to create an exchange platform for him. He has looked all around and realized he is loosing it. Now he thinks his life is more sacred than mine.

    Ooh No Miguna do not be a cry baby. Get down to some serious work and leave RAO out of your tribulations. RAO created his platform omera, please create yours. You have the physic and education. Your physic makes you noticeable even in a crowd of a thousand souls. My precious cent of advise – get down to work and build an own platform. YES YOU CAN

  2. Samuel N. Omwenga

    November 20, 2011 at 5:43 AM


    I agree with you completely.



  3. gatama wa gachira

    November 20, 2011 at 8:17 AM

    Miguna should pack up his bags and return to Toronto. He is just messing himself up by behaving like a political criminal and a wimp. Things are going to get hotter for him. As Kamaru one time sang – “watch your tongue lest you fall or watch your steps and if you fall do not fall with me” – Noise makers like Miguna do not last long in Kenyan politics…he has to be a SONKO alias ole arap MIGUNA. Tough times call for REAL MEN…be a MAN Miguna or leave politics and be a cry baby in Migori.

  4. Benson Metho (@metho2011)

    November 20, 2011 at 2:20 PM

    Why would Miguna be different?
    Who is this Miguna !!!Just because Miguna has been having a lot of “political hustling” going on, it’s about time he identifies a new platform (Canada) for his political theatrics.

  5. Samuel N. Omwenga

    November 20, 2011 at 2:52 PM


    Good question; most of us are similarly puzzled why he thinks he is different and have advised him to do the only right thing and that is, lick his self-inflicted wounds, regroup and perhaps reinvent himself if he still wants to contribute positively in the political scene.




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