Kenyans Must Be Vigilant Against Old Politics

19 Nov

KANU may be moribund as party but some of the politics the party introduced or perfected from Kenyatta days through Moi days are likely to linger around for some time notwithstanding the new political dispensation.

We are all too familiar with the concept of “divide and rule” introduced into our psyche by the colonial beasts and later perfected by KANU.

The various alliances that have been formed, disbanded, regrouped, and now in some state of limbo are all but intended to divide the country primarily to block the ascendancy of Raila to the presidency

Unfortunately for them, however, they have only been able to figure the first half of this colonizer’s equation: the “divide” portion.

They are yet to figure the rule part as part of that requires for them to select one among them to be their flag bearer oddly enough because of the very tribalism they are trying to exploit!

Recently, it was reported in the news that Rafael Tuju and his entourage were pelted with rocks in Kisumu.

This is obviously conduct that cannot be condoned anywhere in the country and Prime Minister reiterated as much when he issued a statement after this incident saying there is no room for violence in politics in Kenya and that resorting to violence in politics will set us back in the gains we have achieved in thus far becoming a more democratic and free nation.

Even as PM Odinga was condemning violence in politics, reports emerged that the stone pelting may have been staged by Tuju himself.

Although one is inclined to give Tuju the benefit of doubt one cannot also rule out that possibility as it is nothing new or one that has not been tried before, namely, staging events to either show force or seek sympathy in certain situations.

That’s straight from KANU’s old Playbook.

Sometimes restraint on the part of everyone is the best way to avoid further misunderstandings and conflict and this is one of them.

This incident, as many before it and surely others to come, will be fully understood and appreciated in actually what transpired and who is behind it 40 years from now.

I say this for this because, even if ODM were to produces 10 witnesses that say they were each paid $500 by Tuju to stone his entourage, there are others who would not believe them, saying they have been paid to says so!

Moreover, if the same 10 witnesses on further questioning were to disclose they did not actually get the money directly from Tuju himself but from his agents and if on even further questioning they admit they don’t know whether those were Tuju’s agents who paid them and asked them to pelt the Tuju entourage, others will be even more less inclined to believe them.

All we’ll be left with then in this scenario is the fact someone was paid to pelt Tuju with stones but by who or why cannot be ascertained, except people would likely believe that which lines up with the political side they are on or lean towards.

40 years from now is a different story, however, especially if people are talking from their graves via secrets left with their loved ones or close associates: what are you going to do to them; kill them?

My advice is let’s all be vigilant against those who would use these types of tactics to advance their political cause regardless of party or party affiliation or even how insignificant they are in the large scheme of things.

Let’s have a Kenya where politicians can run and be elected on the merits of their character and leadership ability and not these divisive and ultimately backward tactics and with that I include tribalism, which goes hand in hand with this kind of ill-advised tactics.

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