Giving A Hand To Our Friends In Jamaica

17 Nov

During PEV and throughout the negotiations led by Dr. Kofi Annan, and even afterwards, many friends of Kenya watched in horror as our country stood at a brink of a civil war and offered to help in any way they could. One such friend is Her Excellency the Hon. Portia Simpson Miller, former Prime Minister of Jamaica.

In fact, Hon. Portia Simpson Miller painfully understood our situation because she had been rigged out of the premiership in her re-election bid and yes, it is possible for the out-of-power party to rig elections and a good case study of that is Jamaica and what happened to Hon. Portia Simpson Miller.

Hon. Miller and her party, PNP (People’s National Party) are in a fight to regain the premiership and seats lost in Parliament in elections to be held next month.

Hon. Miller is one of the most amazing person and leader you’ll ever know and Jamaica would be blessed to have her again as its PM.

Unfortunately, however, Madam Portia Miller and her party are going against an entrenched old money machinery akin to our own Kenyatta and Moi era machinery and needs all the help she and her party can get to close the gap with the forces of status quo arrayed against her progressive party and ideals.

I believe if someone does you a favor, you are obligated to return one to them or someone else in their behalf if and when you are able to, or when called to do so.

I once had a conversation with Madam Miller and can tell you her glowing love for Africa and Kenya in particular almost moved me to tears that a foreigner can love our country that much when we were busy tearing it apart.

Anyway, if I could wave a magic wand and have Hon. Miller elected Prime Minister in Jamaica, I would do so but there is only so much one can do as an individual but, collectively, we could make a slight dent in her face-off with the entrenched JNP (Jamaica National Party) that is determined to keep her and her party off power for her victory, is victory of the people of Jamaica.

If you or a friend wish to lend a hand to our friend and her party in Jamaica, please visit the party’s website and make a donation.

It is the least we can do for this wonderful lady and her love for Africa and our country in particular.

Peace, Love and Unity


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