Kazi Kwa Vijana Manufactured Scandal May End Up Being The Biggest Undoing of Anti-Raila Schemers

02 Nov

Following the Prime Minister’s statement in Parliament today regarding the manufactured Kazi Kwa Vijana (KKV) “scandal,” I stated the following elsewhere on the blogs:

I have read the Prime Minister’s statement and let me observe 3 unquestionable truths I am sure almost everyone would agree with:

First, those who are fair minded, have no ax to grind or are otherwise objective, will find the Prime Minister’s statement straight forward, authoritative and conclusive as to the question of whether there has been the kind of massive corruption falsely reported by the Daily Nation and thereafter peddled by the PM’s political opponents as “the truth and nothing but the truth.”

Second, those who are not fair minded, have an ax to grind or are otherwise not objective when it comes to RAO, will find the PM’s statement straight forward and satisfactory but will harp on the 4.5% “ineligible” expenditure, and particularly the double payment of the civil servant the PM has clearly indicated disapproval and made known what remedial action has been taken, to basically say, forget about the 96.5% truth in the PM’s statement; let’s harp and sing about the 4.5% as being the 96.5% truth and blah blah about corruption.

Third, the intellectual dishonesty, shamelessness and hypocrisy of Raila’s opponents does not depend on truth but truth shall in the end always prevail with the manufactured but now discredited KKV “corruption” being Exhibit G7 or is it G47?

In response to this post, a netter posed the following question, “So to help us understand the whole thing Bwana Omwenga sisi kama “wanjiku” was money lost or not???????” and in response to this netter, I said the following:

I hear your premise and it’s a genuine and valid one.

I expect someone to tell “Wanjiku” to think about it is this way: just like in your own household where no matter how much you try to prevent or stop it, your little totos are going to engage in mischief, if anything out of habit or opportunity. You do not expect and neither is it realistic to prevent or stop mischief by your little totos but if you are successful at a rate of 96.5% of the time, well you are doing better than even what God expects of us all in being sinless and blameless.

I would also have Wanjiku understand that there is a difference between little boys and girls engaging in small mischief at home from bad conduct by older or adult age persons either at home or outside and that there are rules demanding 100% obedience, including those governing theft and corruption which failure to follow calls for appropriate punishment.

If all this fails, I would simply tell Wanjiku the PM has done a good job of curbing corruption in government to the degree he has and despite all the odds against him to the point his office can account for 96.5% of program funds that if were in times past, the country would have been lucky if 10% of it was accounted for.

My point is, let’s all applaud the PM for the good job he is doing fighting corruption against all these odds and let’s continue to support him in those efforts. He is the only one we have who can succeed in this fight against corruption, given the current circumstances, and those leading in ranting and railing in the opposite are either in denial on this fact or have no credibility whatsoever to so rail and rant.

The netter communicated to me privately after this response.

Prior to this, on the day this false story broke in the news, I said the following:

Raila has been and will continue to be at the forefront in fighting corruption and has established a clear policy of corruption intolerance in all ministries, including his own office. When matters of corruption have been brought to his attention, he has taken action all Kenyans support, including the corrupt who are not involved on the particular case at hand.

My hunch is, this matter is being investigated and once all the facts are gathered, the PM will address it as he should.

Any objective, fair and impartial person would wait for that to happen before rendering an opinion or judgment on the PM about the matter and certainly rushing to judgment based on preconceived notions is neither helpful nor desirable.

Accountability and fight against corruption does not mean suspension of the rule of law and the rule here is, if a matter is brought to an executive’s attention that needs action, the executive must take the action, if the information provided is sufficient and calls for the action, or he or she must investigate and take appropriate action upon conclusion of such investigation.

That rule applies in both the government and private sector.

Actually it applies even at home, especially one with children.

One will be a lousy parent if you go about punishing your children willy-nilly based on unproven or false accusations, even from among and between themselves.

It behooves a good parent to try and ascertain the facts are, if possible and punish only if there is sufficient basis to believe such punishment is warranted.

I thought people reading this would at least wait to hear what the PM had to say but boy, was I wrong!

Instead, I saw quite a bit of payukaring with others demanding that the PM step-aside pending investigations for corruption.

As is often the case, there was similar payukaring on the ground as well led by people with no credibility at all on corruption such as Ruto and neophites who often shoot blanks like Eugene.

This prompted me to say the following in response to a particular netter who was demanding that Raila must step aside, in addition to what I had said earlier:

I will have more to say about this in the course of the day or so but let me point out an error in your analysis: You cannot ask a CEO or Manager to step aside every time there is an allegation of wrong-doing by staff and employees under their direct or indirect supervision.

To require so would by definition do away with the position of CEO and Manager.

However, if the CEO or Manager is implicated in the wrongdoing, then it is appropriate to demand that they step aside pending a full and complete investigation.

The latter is exactly what the PM did relative to Ongeri and Ruto, and even his PS Isahakia and private secretary Caroli Omondi who later were cleared by none other than the anti-corruption Tsar himself, PLO.

To therefore ask that the PM resign or step aside over matters he is not implicated at all is not only unfair, it has no legal precedent or basis upon which such a demand can be made.

One cannot pretend to respect and honor the rule of law by violating it at the same time.

The allegations that have been made are on the face of it serious and if true, the proper accountability is for those responsible to be held accountable.

They are not worth throwing the country into elections now but as I have already noted, if it’s elections people want now and now, bring it on for this footloose errand boy believes Raila would win in a landslide. (Some Raila hater had earlier referred to me as a “footloose errand boy”).

Let the footloose errand boys for other candidates, especially those who have none but are only obsessed with having Raila not elected for personal reasons tell us why not, given he is leading by almost 20 points in all major surveys conducted thus far.

These footloose errand boys did not respond and when they did, they repeated the same nonsense as from before, namely, that Raila must resign or step aside because of the “corruption” in his office.

After reflecting on all of this, I have come to this conclusion and it’s actually good news for Raila and that is, the opposition has reached the bottom of the barrel and will be scraping there through election day with not much to dig up or find to derail Raila’s now all but assured presidency.

I have several reasons for saying this:

First, when the history books are written about this period, it will be said they stole his election as president outright and thus began their journey to complete moral defeat and victory for righteousness and justice for the people.

Second, they successfully recruited Ruto in the hopes he can help them topple Raila from the top among those likely to succeed Kibaki but miserably failed to do so for the reasons I state in my blog Who Is William Ruto Part VI: The Succession Game And Why The Scheme To Topple Raila Failed.

Third, having failed to topple Raila and, Raila having, in fact, not only survived but is showing signs of steadily regaining lost ground in the areas he did or is perceived to have done so, they decided to gang up a tribal coalition aimed at “stopping” Raila from gaining the requisite votes necessary for ascendancy to the presidency.

This strategy, however, appears to have unraveled but knowing these are extremely ambitious and power hungry lot with a matching desire to stop Raila from becoming president, I have no doubt in my mind they are busy scheming a repeat of Plan F.

Plan F, which took them to the bottom of the barrel where they are currently scraping for anything left to stop Raila, is their planting a false story with an obliging Daily Nation falsely giving the impression the PM and his staff were engaged in grand corruption.

Going by what is known about this lot, they were clearly salivating and hoping the false story in by itself with the aid of their proven ability to peddle lies, would have created a groundswell to force Raila to step-aside.

If they thought they were going to do a number on Raila and force him to step-aside, the geniuses have instead done a number on themselves because, given the forceful and authoritative push back from Raila, starting from his statement in Parliament exposing the big lie in the Daily Nation and the boyishness of those bent on exploiting it, Raila has once again likely to emerge stronger and as the statesman he is.

More manifestation of Raila the enigma, that is.

They, of course, cannot be happy with the manner in which Raila has responded to their manufactured “scandal” once again making them look the boy politicians they are, led by the boyish of all, Eugene Wamalwa.

I am not in the business of giving them advise but one need not be an astute observer to notice this gang has failed in every respect to bring down Raila and that therefore their best hope, is to try and see if they cannot identify one or two reasons they can run for president other than their going inspiration of only stopping Raila.

The staunch Raila supporter I am, however, I say let them continue with these failed efforts of lies, smears and innuendo and they’ll in the end only succeed in defeating themselves and their no good schemes.

Indeed, the KKV “scandal” they manufactured and shamelessly tried to pin on Raila may in the end be their biggest undoing for what credibility do they have left, if they had any, to mount another attempt at smearing Raila any more worse or than they have in the past without completely being dismissed as really gone kuku even by among the pockets of their supporters?

Would it not be better for them to just throw in the towel in as far as their obsession with stopping Raila is concerned and let one or two serious contenders put forth their best case going against Raila and let the people judge and elect one from among them, based not on lies and tribal considerations but simply on the basis of their leadership qualities and what vision they have for our country?

I certainly hope so but am not holding my breath.

Peace, Love and Unity


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  1. Rodgers

    November 3, 2011 at 4:55 AM

    Well said bro!


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