Kindly Watch Out For Hypocrites, Liars and Schemers Masquarading As Agents of Change

11 Oct

A netter posted an excellent piece the other day, essentially summing up one of the arguments I have been making in this blog and elsewhere that there are a number of “holier than though” individuals out there who have tried and continue to try and hoodwink people into believing they are about “reform” and that they are opposed to Raila because, according to them, Raila has shed his reformist philosophy and that basically he is no different from anyone currently vying for the office.

These individuals present themselves as the “alternative” leadership to Raila and everyone else running for office and, have hoodwinked others who support their “cause,” which is no cause at all.

They have even come up with fancy names and acronyms to refer to their groupings but, peal the onion one skin from the suffice, you see all the tell tales of pure old KANU in each one of them.

They think like old KANU.

They act like old KANU.

They are the reincarnation of old KANU morphing as new agents of “change,” when in reality, what they want is power for the sake of power.

They have no agenda for anything else.

No; nada.

The only thing they all have in common, is their dislike of Raila for some, and visceral hate of him for others.

To hear them describe Raila, you’ll think they are describing the devil himself.

In fact, some have actually called him just that: the devil.

That’s how much they hate the man, yet, they have never stated a single reason why Raila is any more a devil than they are.

An expression is made it’s better a devil you know, than the devil you don’t know.

These folk, singly or collectively could be worse than several of the current presidential candidates I don’t know why anyone can risk plunging our country into even the worst we have been by putting power in the hands of amateurs whose claim to superior leadership to those of the current crop of leaders, is their empty refrain that they are the real agents of change.

Bogus; very bogus.

If they are true leaders, they would prove their leadership ability by storming any of the existing political parties, figuratively speaking, and mounting a revolution from which they can ascend to any position of power in government and we’ll all be happy to cheer them on.

Lame excuses that they cannot do this because these parties “zina wenyewe,” (have their owners), is just that, lame excuses.

That’s not enough justification to erase a whole class of leadership from the map and have them on as our new leaders instead.

Doing so would be foolhardy, naive and unnecessary.

What I have been saying from the beginning and will continue to do so until I am proven right after the elections, is that our next president is going to be among those who have already declared their interest.

Anyone waiting in the wings, hoping to take advantage of developments in the late hour of the game or overtime, is merely a wannabe but that does not mean we don’t have Johnny Come Late-lies among those who have already declared or expressed interest; we do and they, too, may not see the inside of that House they dream of as president.

Not this time around, or in the long foreseeable future for some.

I and a few others have been lone wolves in this view in these fora and elsewhere, but we are increasingly being joined by others, which is obviously a good thing.

I was therefore pleased when I read a post from one such fresh voice on the issue–at least I have not previously seen his posts on the subject and responded to him as follows:

I am so impressed with what you have written, I must nominate your piece for Article of the Year and am saving it my archives of important articles.

What you say applies not just to one individual, but to all holier than though hypocrites, liars and schemers.

You say, “I’m sorry but most of what we read from these “latter-day Saviours” are mere rants of jilted lovers. I doubt that these have anything to offer. At the end of all this, we will vote anyway, let the villagers decide. And I guarantee you, no villager will listen to X. They will listen to Raila, Kibaki or Uhuru or Ruto or even moi. Those are realities on the ground.”

This is one of the things I pointed out in my blog The So-Called G47 or Third Force Should Support Existing Parties We Don’t Need New Parties In Kenya.

You say, “From the foregoing, I am unable to tell what X stands for, apart from the fact that he dislikes his relative Raila the Paka.

I have been blogging about this for months; just go to my blog My Turn and search for “anti-Raila” or “Luo non-Raila supporters” or “Raila haters” and you’ll find what they all have in common, is they just don’t like Raila for one reason or another which mostly have to do with personal vendettas: some appointments that they hoped for that never materialized, some political support they hoped for that never came to fruition, some business deals they hoped for that never came their way, etc.

Not a single one dislikes or hates Raila for other than personal reasons.

There are those who do not support Raila for reasons that are not personal but among those, few are opposed to him strictly on policy issues but a majority of them don’t like or support Raila simply because he is a Luo.

I don’t know which is worse, those who hate or dislike Raila for personal reasons, or those who hate or dislike him because he is a Luo.

I have no problem and neither should anyone have any problem with those who do not support or even don’t like Raila for other than these twin evil reasons.

Finally, ndugu, let me share with you what I have said in another thread which is the same thing you have eloquently pointed out in your piece and that is,

Kiraitu like many others have been waiting in the wings to see if Raila is brought down to size or even destroyed by the likes of Ruto but, having seen all these efforts fall by the wayside, and realizing Raila is, indeed, the man to beat and very much all but certain to be the next president of the Republic, Kiraitu is simply acknowledging the fact.

There will be many to follow, including even many who have been most critical of RAO.

On your larger point, Dr. Willie Mutunga’s visiting Moi should put all that in perspective.

They say there are no permanent enemies in politics.

We are electing a president, not a puritan saint who is perfect and has done no wrong in life.

As the Bible tells us in the book of Romans 3:22-24, “This righteousness is given through faith in[a] Jesus Christ to all who believe. There is no difference between Jew and Gentile, 23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, 24 and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.

Raila is not saying he is perfect, he is simply saying and most agree, of all the candidates out there, he is the most qualified and even by far, everything considered.

That’s what Kiraitu and others are saying and even more others will be saying so in the days and weeks to come because it’s the truth.

In other words, for those who left the man thinking his ship was sinking, they have now seen the writing on the wall that that’s not the case and will soon try and find their way back to the ship.

The River Nyando will, indeed, be reverting to course for a number of those from the Lake Region except for the most suicidal.

Peace, Love and Unity


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One response to “Kindly Watch Out For Hypocrites, Liars and Schemers Masquarading As Agents of Change

  1. Erick Matsanza

    November 24, 2011 at 11:50 AM

    Daktari Shem,

    Kenya Progressive Third Force is NOT getting it wrong from the Start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It only but putting it to all Kenyans right for the time has come for transparency to prevail.

    This does not clarify the issue because all those that have dared raise or point a finger at certain issues have either been suspended or expelt or threatened with the same action. If you are not courageous enough in G47/Third Force, you will not survive as it operates like a cartel.

    If you introduce your organizations members to the council, the G47 Council, they are either co-opted as members or bribed to disown the organizations they belong to, the bribe is just food in a hotel and social engineering done to them, they are met secretly with the purpose of discrediting those who are for transparency. I have alot to shed light on this as it is happening to members of Labour Party of Kenya (LPK) and am glad that as a party we have a strong foundation and have been well nurtured very few may succumb to such outmaneuvers anyway. Those who will give in believe you me they will be losers and will end up just being misused as per the way I have analyzed the situation unless openness prevails.

    My brother Ericson Oduya, please dont wish secrecy well as long as it brings change. It will be an abomination to the people of Kenya, it will be betrayal to all proud Kenyans who want to get this country back to the right path. Transparency is key to everything if Kenya is to be liberated BUT then why is it that the very very old guard politicians are the ones ganging up to curtail everything with a promise of being progressive? Lets not condone cartels in our country. We have had enough, the Golden Berg Cartel, The Anglo Fleasing Cartel, The Educational Scandal Cartel, The Maize Scandal Cartel, The Triton Scandal Cartel, The Dam Scandal Cartel, The Japan Embassy Scandal Cartels.

    The rot has to be brought down, we can not allow afew individuals to start building a closed sect in the name of G47/ Third Force who use their resources to intimidate and rally support to themselves, amass people to believe in them, destroy well established political organizations for their own selfish interests. We will not watch democracy destroyed in this country. There comes a time when all these has to stop and the time is now. Lets start the cleanup now. Lets all share what we have to say about Kenya openly and in a more transparent manner without intimidation at;

    Yahoo Groups:

    In darkness lies corruption and impunity, there lies the sword that will kill all the political organizations by scuttling of individual members with the promise of heaven just like NARC did when it dislodged Moi from power.

    Daktari Shem, if only we had transparency in the manner issues are handled then only would we be going far today, secrecy and coercions will take this country nowhere. Kenyans are now more sharper today and they expect things in the open. The power has been transferred to the people by our constitution so anything done secretly is viewed with sin-ism. Put all cards on the table for the stakeholders so that we can all move together otherwise, there is a devil in the hiding in all these moves, especially when it comes to individual party members being lured into the G47/Third Fprce without even knowing where the head or tail to the monister is.

    Yes there is a fee of Kshs. 100,000/- but the game has been uped by being offered a free membership if you promise to be loyal even to evil, if it is assumed that you have influence but even still no one shows you the head or tail of what G47/ Third Force is, its a monster that will end up destroying organizations and that is why there is even selective free membership.

    The truth is, If anything is worth, then it is worth paying for it, and always pay the full price. Those who are lured with the free membershi, I bet there is a bait on the free membership that will destroy the organizations that they represent. They are just providing a network for the monister. Unless all stakeholders are given some light, think twice. This is not the change we need. Ask me what I have gone through recently through the hands of some members of G47/ Thrid Force. Pure betrayal and will share it all. I need to converse with those who have handled me that way first to understand their objective or motive because they have tried to malign my name and it has come to my attention.

    Comrades, Lets soldier on and we have to sieve leadership in our country. Organizations are not ready to loose its membership.


    Erick I. Matsanza


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