The Story Dr. Sally Kosgey Vehicle Was Ordered Out of Ferry To Make Room For Mama Aida Is False

09 Sep

There is a story circulating on the Internet that Dr. Sally Kosgey’s vehicle was ordered out of a ferry in Mbita to make room for Mama Ida’s car.

This is a maliciously false story planted by by Leo Odera Omolo in and other sites.

For reasons I need not get into here other than what I say below, Omolo is on a one man campaign to smear our other First Lady, Mama Aida.

As to this particular event, what happened as confirmed by people who would know, is as follows:

It is true that both Mama Ida and Dr. Sally Kosgey were expected in Rusinga Island to attend the burial of Mrs Damaris Auma Odhiambo, the mother of the ODM nominated MP Ms Millie Odhiambo.

Both the DC and OCPD were expecting Mama Aida and her entourage.

Hon. Kosgey arrived first at the ferry and her car and several others we directed to park in the ferry.

As soon as the cars were safely parked, the ferry embarked on the about 1hr trip across the gulf.

However, just as the ferry was moving away from dock (about 100 yards away), Mama Aida arrived and upon seeing the ferry leaving, her people contacted the DC, who in turn contacted the ferry.

The ferry captain explained that they actually thought Dr. Sally Kosgey was Mama Ida!

Dr. Kosgey never alighted or even rolled down her windows in her dark government sedan, complete with the flag so one can understand why the dock personnel were thus mistaken.

Having been informed of the mix-up, the Captain immediately returned the ferry back to dock, so Mama Ida’s vehicles can be brought on board.

It was then decided by staff (not Mama Ida) that the vehicles that had been parked, would have to exit first and be re-parked according to protocol, which is quite normal.

At all these times, Dr. Sally Kosgey was in her car and never even rolled down her window and her car exited the ferry as instructed but, rather than waiting to re-park, she just drove off.

The other cars were then re-parked and the ferry took off.

Dr. Sally Kosgey was never asked to leave the ferry and there was room for her car to be on the ferry and even if there wasn’t room for it, there were cars belonging to junior officers on matters protocol, which would have been asked to remain behind and await the next trip in order to accommodate Dr. Sally Kosgey.

Specifically, others whose cars were re-parked and could have routinely been asked to wait were Assistant Minister Elizabeth Ongoro, a journalist and a couple of permanent secretaries, not in that order, who all are junior to Dr. Sally Kosgey on matters protocol.

No one knows why Dr. Sally Kosgy decided to leave but clearly Mama Ida had had nothing to do with her leaving as Omolo maliciously implies in the story.

First forward to yesterday, both Mama Ida and Dr. Sally Kosgey were the guests of Embassy of Brazil in the celebration of Brazil’s 189th Independence Day and both were seated at the same table and both were the only ones who spoke at the event.

In other words, this is a story about nothing, same as the one peddled some time ago about Mama Aida having some tussle of power in New York with some assistant minister when such was not the case.

Now, on this Leo Odera Omolo, my sources tell me he is a supporter of someone vying for the Mbita seat, which nominated MP Millie Ojiambo is also interested in.

I am working on confirming who this Omolo is supporting at the national scene.

It is clearly not Raila.

Whether Omolo is in the payroll of those bent on “stopping” Raila or not; he must cease forthwith in planting and peddling these exaggerated or false stories about Mama Ida.

Peace, Love and Unity


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One response to “The Story Dr. Sally Kosgey Vehicle Was Ordered Out of Ferry To Make Room For Mama Aida Is False

  1. John Osoro

    September 28, 2011 at 6:40 PM

    Leo Odera Omolo is a veteran journalist who lately appears to have focused his journalism towards gaining some kind of media opinion leadership on issues in Nyanza. It would be inaccurate to describe his writings as opinion columns because they lack the analytical structure and depth found in opinion columns. If these writings were not from a journalist, I would easily view them as idle gossip. One needs to be skeptical about journalism that focuses on pedestrian issues like ferry incidents rather than on cyclical food shortages and droughts affecting many people, or on personalities rather than economic malaise in Nyanza. In Luo soccer metaphor, such posturings were likened to attention seeking but aimless long balls by players who clearly had little else to offer. Such shots are called, “Yuora Nena” an invitation to spectating ladies to marvel at the player’s prowess on the pitch


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