My Response To A Kikuyu Netter Regarding Raila’s Prospects In Central Come 2012

22 Aug

The following is my response to a Kikuyu blogger, who took issue with another Kikuyu blogger writing favorably about Raila’s visit to Muranga a few weeks ago and his continued efforts to court the Kikuyu vote. As in many other cases I have had to respond without solicitation in behalf of my preferred candidate, much of what this blogger raises, is based on fiction and innuendo, and not facts.

My response:

You say, “On His Reform CredentialsI do not subscribe to the fact that RAO should be voted for by Kikuyus just because his father supported Kenyatta. This would be purely primitive and unacceptable as we are not in any reward system.

No one is saying, and certainly not Raila that Kikuyus should vote for him simply because his father made it possible for Kenyatta to become president or because he uttered those memorable words, “Kibaki Tosha,” which everyone agrees made it possible for Kibaki to be elected president.

Rather, what people are saying is, in considering who to vote for, Kikuyus (and other tribes for that matter) should seriously consider and try to break away from the habit of voting their own for president, if not completely breaking away from this and vote for someone other than their own and no one fits this bill better than Raila, given his superb qualifications with this historical facts just an added factor why he should be so considered.

You say, “People should only be supported if they can take our good governance yardstick to a higher level but not due to archaic history that existed between their fathers or relatives.

The two are not mutually exclusive; there is no better measure of how a candidate would conduct himself other than what he or she had done in the past, thus, someone like Raila who has demonstrated over and over that he is not only for good governance, which he and others have fought for, and sacrificed tremendously, he is also for uniting the country as his father demonstrated by putting his own ambition aside for the sake of uniting the country under Kenyatta, ditto for Raila’s own Kibaki Tosha declaration.

You say, “In addition, RAO should not lie to Kenyans on the price that he purportedly paid due to the 1982 Coup. He and his cohorts were not in pursuit of any reforms through the coup. It was an adventure of a regime change that was not rooted on any ideals or common purpose, just removing Moi; not pursing constitutional, legal or institutional reforms. It was an insatiable desire for raw power, to remove the authoritarian rule of Moi and replace it with their largesse.

Raila suffered many years of detention and torture because of his unselfish desire to free our people from the Moi regime, which turned out to be worse than even Raila feared from early on.

That’s the fact, and fortunately most Kenyans old enough to know, know that to be the case so being in denial and trying to paint his efforts as anything other than, can only confuse those who were not there or those who have not bothered to read about these struggles that ultimately resulted in (1) the rejection of Moi and his pet project UK in 2002 and (2) the ushering in of the new Constitution and the reforms we are finally realizing.

No one can deny Raila credit for his efforts in all of these, except those who refuse to accept the truth.

You say, At around the same time, many African countries had experienced in excess of 75 military takeovers and more that 200 attempts at abrogation of the written constitution, like in Swaziland. So I do not understand how this be portrayed as a suffering and thus the “price” that he paid should be rewarded? He was pursing entrenched greed for power and self aggrandizement. It was just to be a replacement of Moi’s despotism with Oginda’s autocracy. In any case, his actions then can only be compared with the Egyptian Protesters. They were only united in getting Mubarak out and they seem to have no shared mission and purpose of their new country without Mubarak. So as we talk today, they are still protesting. Their protests were directionless and the only difference with the 1982 coup and even the 1990s call for reforms by some politicians that they only wanted to get Moi out of power but they never at all wanted to bring reforms in the country. This is a position augmented by Timothy Njoya a week ago in the Capital Talk, K24 .Moreso Ngunjiri, RAO has commonly wanted to be identified with his yesteryears “reforms” history.”

You have said a lot here but in the end, you have really said nothing of substance. None of this changes the fact that Raila is a proven reformist and neither does it change the fact that he has paid dearly along the way.

You say, “Today he is in government, not as a sweeper, but a Prime Minister. What reforms have he done? Entrenching cronyism, political patrimonialism and sychophancy? Why does he want to hang on his apparent history, which is actually debatable? His record as a Prime Minister or even the MP Lang’ata is despicable and is a total failure.Peter Kenneth, who was elected in 2002 as a MP had done what the PM has not achieved and I bet he can never achieve.”

From the day he was sworn as PM, Kibaki and his cohorts embarked on a campaign to render Raila irrelevant in the governance of the country.

Because he is a skilled politician, and fortunately so for the country, Raila has still managed to execute the functions of his office and deliver for the country as no one ever could under the circumstances, despite these vicious efforts by the Kibaki cadre to frustrate or altogether prevent him completely from functioning as PM.

This, my friend, is a staggering accomplishment and but one sign that, once re-elected president and free of these shackles, Raila will finally deliver all that he envisions for our country, much to everyone’s delight, including yourself, if you can garner enough courage and forgive yourself for being so hard and wrong about him.

You say, “This “reformist”, according to Ngunjiri started paying taxes recently, by climbing the rooftop of Times Tower in media blitz and yet Kenneth and Muthama have done patriotically without even the new constitution.”

By publicly paying his taxes, Raila led by example. This is what good and effective leaders do.

That Kibaki, Peter Kenneth, and Muthama paid their taxes ahead of him, is equally commendable but irrelevant as to the question of whether the PM led by example, in publicly paying his taxes.

You say, So, what are reforms?? After the death of his father, Ford Kenya, in which he was the Deputy-Director of Elections, held elections in Thika.He unleashed an axe, which was aimed at the Late VP Wamalwa head but was successfully blocked by Wafula Wamunyinyi, the immediate former MP for Kanduyi.Thus to be I think the word reform and impunity deserve a new dictionary review!!!  

No one has any idea what you are talking about here.

You say, “b. The Kikuyu QuestionIn the public arena, a perception has been created that RAO will revenge against the Kikuyu. On this one, I partly disagree. Nevertheless, he has depicted tendencies of asocialist nature and this has actually hurt some kikuyu investors. It’s in record that some tenants both in Kibera and Mathare slums have refused to pay rent to non-luo landlords courtesy of his protection.

Only extreme and die-hard anti-Railaists would buy the nonsense that Raila could even conceivably “protect” tenants who refuse to pay rent on account the landlord is not Luo.

I would give you this much: this is the kind of malicious lies being propagated and spread by Raila’s political enemies that he must counter with truth and this, I am sure he will do.

You say, “RAO is a capitalist, who actually conforms to the primitive accumulation of resources but he spearheads the communist agenda as it’s a sharp wedge tool that enables some part of the poor, lazy masses that believe in free things and hate hard work to vote for him.

Maintaining a permanent, hopeless and dependent underclass of a vast majority of the population was invented by the White Man in Africa, assumed by our first presidents, in our case, Kenyatta, who handed the torch to Moi, and Moi attempted to do the same by handing over to UK but was repulsed by efforts led by Raila who largely made it possible for Kibaki to be elected president.

Rather than taking advantage of this break from the past and lead in a new direction, Kibaki, u nfortunately, returned us to the politics of division and maintenance of a permanent, hopeless and dependent underclass of a vast majority of the population.

Raila is trying to get us back to where we were in 2002, namely, rejection of the old politics of dictatorial rule, corruption and impunity without care about the citizenry and its needs.

You therefore have your analysis upside down about Raila and his economic and social stance viz the people.

You say, “[Raila] is a man of double standards.”

He is not.

You say, “As we head to the 2012, he has realized that he needs Kikuyu votes as the Kalenjin bloc and many others have deserted him.”

The Kalenjin “bloc” has not deserted Raila; those who have “deserted” him in Kale land are people ill-advised by Ruto with his lies, distortions and innuendo for his own selfish political ambitions.

Fortunately, leaders from the area, including Hon. Franklin Bett, Hon. Sally Kosgey, Hon. Magerger, Hon. Litole and many others have put their feet on the ground and told Ruto to take his nonsense elsewhere and so far the response has been very positive from the ordinary folk on the ground, and even among Kale professionals who are quietly advising Ruto to change his abandon the disastrous track his on and find ways to work with Raila.

Although Ruto remains adamant he won’t work with Raila, don’t be surprised to see him come running and begging Raila like a little boy to take him back and Raila being the good leader he is, he will oblige him.

You say, “He is silently driving a wedge between the ordinary Kikuyus and the Kikuyu hegemony.”

This is a concoction of your own imagination, so there is no need to comment on it, other than to say Raila has done no such a thing.

You say, “Factually, not all Kikuyu elite are bad. This is not just a problem in Kikuyus.There are many good Kalenjin and even Luo elite just as bad elites amongst them. However, he is now driving the wedge by telling the poor Kikuyus that if they vote for him and not the others, their life will be better and especially if Kikuyu elite are sent packing.

Again, Raila has done no such a thing and if he has, point to us specifically what, when and where.

You say, “We need leaders who are honest, issue based and not political conmen.

True. Raila is one of them.

You say, “What about the Luo, Pokomo, and Gabbra etc youths? We need a leader who will transform the whole country and this cannot be possible though RAO wedge politics.”

Raila is the answer to what hails the country today and is the leader who will transform the country more than all others vying for the office, and by far.

You say, “it would by far-fetched Ngunjiri to assert that Uhuru must have known the ODM 2007 strategy.ODM metamorphosized to RAO after the referendum. He was ODM and ODM was him.”

The facts speak for themselves.

You say, “Secondly, RAO was surrounded by a coterie of tribesmen and a pentagon of regional tribal lords that insulated him from the rest. In fact, even Joe Nyagah was sometimes excluded in the now defunct pentagon meetings.”

This is another concoction of your own imagination. Pentagon was a very well designed tool to win the presidency, which succeeded in having Raila winning in a landslide only to be thwarted by thieves and cheats at the polls, with the help and direction of Kivuitu.

You say, “POST ELECTION VIOLENCEOn this one, I shudder at how Ngunjiri and his ilk have belittled the matter just in a bid to justify his support for RAO.Ngunjiri, your support for RAO is your constitutional right and you do not have to feel obliged to say sorry or defend it ab initio.In any case, it does not tilt any voting pattern! Your casual glance of the PEV committed against the Kikuyus in the Rift is very alarming.”

What Ngujiri said about PEV and Raila is factually correct.

You say, “RAO assembled a pentagon of tribal lords in the Rift and these were his vehicles of isolating and dictating to us in the Rift that we must vote for RAO or face violence.”

Raila, as any good politician would do, campaigned in all parts of the country and was voted for in a majority, in all areas and regions, except Central where he still managed to get a substantial number of votes, even taking into account the massive rigging there.

Nowhere did Raila say one had to vote for him or face violence. This is yet another concoction of your own imagination.

You say, “We have continually faced violence since 1992, 1997, 1998 but 2007 was abominable. Your “hero”, was the captain of the ship that unleashed terror and brutality on the Kikuyus in the Rift.”

Again, you can imagine and say whatever you wish, but the fact is, Raila had nothing to do with PEV and, if anything, he must be thanked for bending over-backwards and accepting a deal with Kibaki that ended the violence.

You say, “He did absolutely nothing, either in actions or words to calm or stop the violence.”

You obviously were not in Kenya or if you were, you did not have access to radio or television to hear Raila’s calls for peace throughout the crisis. In the past, you would be forever in a state of believing this falsehood but with the proliferation of Internet, I encourage you to go to Youtube and search for Raila press conferences and interviews and you can finally hear for yourself Raila’s messages of peace and end to the violence, if it’s the case you were alone in not hearing what he had to say about ending the violence.

You say, “He cannot hide under the assertion that its “others” who hijacked the electoral debacle to kill Kikuyus.How did he know that they had hijacked the process?”

Raila is hiding from nothing as he was on the right side regarding PEV.

It’s a fact PEV was not just about stolen elections and thus the reason the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission was formed.

You say, “As a Captain or their “Arap Mibey”, why did he remain silent conspicuously?”

He never did.

You say, “Why did he make idiotic commentary in BBC concerning Kiambaa burnings?

There was nothing “idiotic” about what Raila said regarding Kiambaa burnings.” You are here really scrapping at the bottom of the barrel, in search of something you can smear Raila with but that’s not working.

You say, “Killings of any form or any Kenyan of whichever tribe is unacceptable, criminal and even if it’s for a price or for free, it does warrant such absurd justification by a man who still wants to be the next president of this country and his supporters.”

You are right killing of any Kenyan is unacceptable and criminal but you are wrong that Raila provided justification for any killing; he never did and never will as he is a man of peace.

You say, “But again, some Kikuyus from the Central Province, which I tend to believe Ngunjiri belongs, have never seen tribal violence and thus are inclined to recklessness and a sheer disregard of its gravity and thus can be court poets to exonerate their “high priest.

One need not be in a zone of violence to understand the nature of violence.

You say, “In any case, having millions of NGO’s “reconciliation” talk shops cannot make one a victim or does not necessarily make one to purport to understand the recurrent tribal clashes in the Rift. It’s purely business!”

Others, if not everyone else would disagree and say reconciliation is the only best way forward.

You say, “On the Hague Process  On this matter, I do not want to lie that I can authoritatively review it. However, politicization of the ICC process is real. I intend to answer it once I finish some valuable readings on how the court is used by some members of the United Nations Security Council to legitimize their political will. It could be possible that RAO support of the local tribunal was genuine. It still could have been a lip service! Before I answer, have this food of thought.

Well said.

You will conclude upon further study of the issue, that Raila had nothing to do with how the process was initiated and neither is he responsible for the charging and sending the Ocampo Six to the Hague.

That’s the truth and fact.

You say, “How does RAO become a “jamba”by dining with political dinosaurs and salvages in Central Province or any other area in the Country? Politics is not that easy or cheap anywhere, even in countries that purport to be mothers of democracy.  In any case, even if Satan was to land in Nairobi today, I guess we would be excited and turn in huge numbers to watch and listen to him.”

Is your argument now that Raila is Satan?

Comparing Raila to Satan only serves to show how deeply you hate and resent the man.

In sum, you are wrong in about everything you have said or believe about Raila and it hopefully, you have seen and accept the truth as I have given it to you and as others can easily verify for you, if you still don’t believe that you are so wrong about all of this.

Peace, Love and Unity

Samuel N. Omwenga, Esq.


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2 responses to “My Response To A Kikuyu Netter Regarding Raila’s Prospects In Central Come 2012

  1. Smartex

    August 23, 2011 at 8:05 AM

    Starting from the last thing mentioned, Raila is akin to the devil himself. I was watching and listening to that interview on BBC where RAO justified the Kiambaa church killings. I loathe him in person actually. Mr. Omwenga, your argument is to subjective and mediocre to a point that puts your integrity to question.
    Arguing objectively and from a sensible point of view, all your so called facts are fiction and can only be believed by a dumb person; or an imbecile. I will not try to argue with you just go make things right but will opt to let you boil in your folly as you wait for the 2013 shock of your lifetime. RAO will never be President anywhere in his life. Yea I say 2013 because that’s when the elections will be.

  2. Samuel N. Omwenga, Esq.

    August 23, 2011 at 9:59 AM


    Thanks for admitting your loathing of Raila, which explains why you would see and hear him say things he never has.

    That’s actually been proven, namely, people have shown ability to see, hear and believe things that don’t exist in reality.

    Unlike you, I don’t know with the level of certainty you seem to know rivaling that of God himself whether or not Raila will or will never be president “anywhere in his life.”

    I do know, however, that given the line-up of the current presidential candidates, Raila has the better chance of all of them to be elected president, because he is the most qualified and better fit to next lead our country, of all the candidates on the field.

    You say the elections will be held in 2013, I say the elections will be held in 2012 for the reasons I state in my blog on the subject–see my blog-list.

    Peace, Love and Unity

    Samuel N. Omwenga, Esq.


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