The Difference Between Die-Hard Railaists and Die-Hard Anti-Railaists

21 Aug

The difference between die-hard Raila supporters and die-hard anti-Railaists:

Die-hard Raila supporters never say never; they are just confident Raila will be elected president come next general elections.

Die-hard anti-Railaists say Raila will never be elected president.

Die-hard Raila supporters give well reasoned reasons and facts why they believe Raila will be elected next president.

Die-hard anti-Railaists have never given any reason why they say Raila will never be elected.

Die-hard Raila supporters believe a united Kenya is desirable under any experienced and better qualified presidential candidate.

Die-hard anti-Railaists prefer a divided Kenya headed by a mediocre, inexperienced or unqualified person, if that’s the only way to stop Raila from becoming president

Die-hard Raila supporters appreciate the sacrifices Raila has made for the sake of the country and his reformist agenda.

Die-hard anti-Railaists believe Raila has not suffered enough.

Die-hard Raila supporters appreciate Raila’s efforts to defeat the 2005 draft constitution, which was Choice # 1 for anti-reformists.

Die-hard anti-Railaists would have prefered the 2005 draft or no new constitution at all, if attaining one meant credit to Raila.

Die-hard Raila supporters appreciate the the work Raila has done and continues to do for the benefit of the country.

Die-hard anti-Railaists do not appreciate anything Raila has done for the country, even as Prime Minister.

Die-hard Raila supporters, for example, appreciate what Raila did to save the Mau forest.

Die-hard anti-Railaist believed the Mau forest be damned, if saving it meant Raila getting credit.

Die-hard Raila supporters, for another example, appreciate the fact Raila prevented Kibaki from violating the new constitution in his attempted effort to install his cronies in important constitutional office.

Die-hard anti-Railaists could have cared less, if Kibaki’s success meant Raila’s defeat; their quest for Raila’s failure see no limits.

Die-hard Raila supporters will be happy if anyone other than Raila is elected president in a fair and transparent elections.

Die-hard anti-Railaists will be hard put to but some may, as the article below published after the elections reveals:

Dateline: Nairobi, August 27, 2012
Breaking Nairobi News

Former Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga was yesterday sworn as the fourth president of the Republic of Kenya in a ceremony marked with great pomp and fanfare.

Unlike five years ago when his predecessor, Mwai Kibaki was hurriedly and secretly sworn at an event witnessed only by close friends and political operatives, President Raila Odinga was sworn in broad day-light at Uhuru Park where hundreds of thousands of supporters and well-wishers thronged to witness the ceremony and reports indicate not one of them has gone home as of press time.

“This is a great day for Kenyans; we finally have a president we have all been longing for,” said David Ochwangi, one of the happy revelers at a party following the swearing in ceremony still ongoing at the Carnival as of going to press.

In his inaugural address to the nation, Mr. Raila Odinga called on Kenyans to forget or at least forgive the past and join hands in rebuilding the country. The president noted he realized this may be difficult for some but urged all Kenyans to reach deeper and find ways to get along with each other as tribalism and negative ethnicity is now a thing of the past, given the overwhelming support he received from across the country.

Mr. Raila Odinga told Kenyans the priority of his presidency is to implement policies envisioned in the new constitution and as an example of how serious he is about this, President Raila Odinga ordered the firing of Attorney General Githu Muigai, saying his appointment was in error as he is not reform minded and he sees no value among Kenyans living in the Diaspora, who the new president believes must be incorporated in the country’s economic development.

Mr. Raila Odinga acknowledged the significance of his election as president, an office his father, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, declined to assume in favor of the country’s first president, Jomo Kenyatta.

Mr. Raila Odinga took time to especially thank supporters from Nyeri, Kirinyaga, Murang’a and Embu counties, who showed up in large numbers to vote for him, contrary to what many analysts had predicted.

The president urged all those who did not vote for him, to now join the rest of the country in supporting him as he embarks on his mission to transform the country.

In his speech, Mr. Raila Odinga firmly rejected the idea that all politicians are corrupt and that Kenya is incapable of ridding itself of corruption, a notion that is widely believed across the country. Mr. Raila Odinga vowed to “fight corruption and impunity to total submission.”

To his opponents, Mr. Raila Odinga assured them he will not seek revenge for the many years of insults, lies and abuses they accorded him, especially in during the campaign. “I have forgiven each one of you and now ask that you join me in rebuilding our country” Mr. Odinga declared.

“I have no positions for you in my administration, however, but I would not mind if you volunteer to work in my government at any level and in any capacity,” the president added.

Reached by phone, the former MP for Eldoret North said he was happy to hear what the president had to say.

“I am not surprised by what he said,” said Ruto, “I have always known Raila to be a decent, nice and fair gentleman but I had to do what I did because I thought I could beat him,” disclosed Ruto, adding “I was wrong and I can assure you, I’ll be the first one to visit him as soon as the opportunity avails to personally tell him how sorry I am.”

The new president received well wishes from around the world. President Barack Obama called him a “true reformist” who will change the face of Kenya. Former South African President Nelson Mandela called him a “fighter” who has “once again shown, if you believe in your cause, and barring being killed, you can survive anything and live to lead.” German Chancellor, Angela Merkel said of Mr. Raila Odinga, “he is the new hope for Kenya,” and immediately announced that any qualified Kenyan students can now get free education in Germany. UK Prime Minister David Cameron said he was pleased Mr. Odinga was elected president and looks forward to continued good relations with the country, and French President Nicolas Sarkozy said he is renaming Champs Elysees “Raila Street’ for the month in celebration of Mr. Odinga’s election.

Mr. Raila Odinga’s comments regarding the outgoing administration drew some criticism, however.

The president said it was wrong for Kibaki to have stolen the presidency from him in 2007 but he thanked him for doing his best to work with him despite relentless efforts by those around the former president to stop Mr. Raila Odinga from ascending to the presidency.

But any criticism of the new president was lost in the pomp and fanfare at Uhuru Park yesterday akin to that seen in 2002 when former president Kibaki was first sworn in as president.

“Let’s hope that the Kenyans finally get what they were expecting in 2002,” said, Isaac Ruto, former MP of Chepalungu, “I wish him well and hope he has forgiven us as he said.”

Elsewhere, the most vocal and avid of anti-Railaists have gone silent but our reporter managed to find one at a rehabilitation facility sponsored by a group known as PK, “I am okay; I am okay,” said one, “I am told I would need a few more days here to completely recover from my Raila phobia,” said the man who did not want his name mentioned because he was once such a die-hard anti-Railaist, he guaranteed on a bet Raila will never be elected president.

After the inaugural ceremony, the presidential motorcade headed to the Carnival where the party is still going on as of press time.

Disclaimer: The foregoing is an imaginary futuristic rendition of what the writer thinks will occur. It is not intended to be taken as an event that actually occurred or will occur.


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3 responses to “The Difference Between Die-Hard Railaists and Die-Hard Anti-Railaists

  1. Nathan Kimani Gichuhi Gukira

    August 21, 2011 at 8:43 PM

    The Almighty Creator knows the right.

  2. ste1978

    August 26, 2011 at 3:44 AM

    Huu ni upuuzi mtupu Mr. Write facts not fictions. It shall never happen whatsoever in the New Kenya.

  3. Samuel N. Omwenga, Esq.

    August 26, 2011 at 6:29 AM

    Ndugu or Dada Ste1978,

    Please note above what I have said about anti-Railaists and saying Raila will “never” be president without providing a single good reason why and please further note there is a difference in saying one cannot be elected president for this or that reason and saying one will “never” be elected president.

    In all cases I know, those who say the latter always do so because this is simply their wish and nothing more for no one but God knows with that kind of certainty who shall “never” be elected and God you are not.

    My point is, rather than going around saying Raila will “never” be elected president without offering a single reason why, you are better off coming up with reasons why you believe Raila should not be elected president or, better yet, state who your alternative preference is and why you think he or she is better than Raila.

    As for me, I shall continue preaching the good news about Raila being our next president, God willing.

    Peace, Love and Unity

    Samuel N. Omwenga, Esq.


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