My Response to A US Based Angry Kalenjin Anti-Railaist

18 Aug

This is my second response to a US based Kalenjin netter ranting and raving about same tired tirades against Raila. Although the netter addressed his post to another anti-Railaist, I chose to respond as it was essentially all about me and my support for Raila.

My response:

The last time I responded to you, I noted that you are obviously bitter since 08 and offered a prayer for you, which you declined, saying you don’t need any prayer from me. I think it’s the first time I heard anyone reject a prayer but then, you might be an atheist or agnostic, in which case it would make sense to reject a sincerely offered prayer.

I nonetheless prayed for you because the God I believe in does not need your permission to grant the prayer.

I must pray some more for you because the prayer has not been answered as I can still detect the anger and bitterness in your diatribe below, if not more.

In fact, it’s anger and rage driven views such as yours from you and others that over time led me to pen my recent blog A Call for National Healing. In responding to that blog, Prof. Kimani Njogu noted the following:

I know that the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) is partnering with Africa Health and Development International (AHADI) to organize a series of dialogues around the country towards national healing. In essense, the dialogues revolve around grievances that communities have against other communities and against the state and what realistic solutions can help reduce/eliminate them. Discussions on cross-border issues, citizenship, statelessness etc are also planned. The ten convenings will culminate in a the People’s Conference in November during the Week of Tolerance. National healing, in my view, starts with accepting that there are issues to be tackled by all of us. It involves ‘voicing’ what makes us angry and providing realistic solutions. I understand the first convening will be in Nairobi this month. It will be worth participating in these meetings and also The People’s Conference.

This would be an appropriate venue to vent your anger and I truly hope you can find a way to be a part of it.

I suspect very strongly you and I trying to exchange here will make no difference.

I know I know and am confident about myself enough to scoop to your level, take your insults and still try to understand where you are coming from but all I see is bent up anger.

I cannot help you with that, other than to pray for you and wish you well but I assume you’ll reject same as the last time so let me at least address a few things out of discretion.

I would otherwise easily ignore all of the assertions as not worth responding to but it’s not midnight so I have some time to respond to you, other than the completely nonsensical tirades or issues that I believe more appropriately belong at the venue suggested above:

You say, “Brother X, I don’t even understand why you keep on engaging this guy who calls himself Mr. Omwenga Esq. Like I said before, you can’t EVER reason with a zealot like him. To him and his ilk, Agwambo, aka Raila Amolo Odinga, is the Alpha and Omega of everything! So what’s the point of even dialoguing with him?

I don’t know where you studied your logic but you can actually reason with a zealot.

You are perhaps confusing inability to reason as reason one cannot reason with a zealot.

You say, “You have to read his latest assertions to understand that he lives in la la land. Like my mama always says, you can be book smart but you can still be an idiot like the way this guy is

Please leave your mama out of these debates but if you must drag her into this, she would probably counsel you that calling people names neither advances nor makes any point among people with an IQ over yours.

In other words, only people with an IQ below the person relying on name calling and profanity find any value in use of such language because they don’t know better than the debater so using profanity to make their feeble points, if any.

True intellectuals never resort to that level of argument: Stick to the issues and win or lose you are still a winner because it’s not who is an idiot or smart that matters but whether you have made your case or not.

That’s what mature, intelligent netters on these fora are supposed to do: educate, inform and sometimes win over ideas.

You say, “He might write lots of crap that looks like something, but the writing is just a bunch of hogwash.”

It’s helpful and more convincing to a reader if you point out what exactly I write that is “crap” or “hogwash” and why rather merely describing it as such.

Saying so does not make it so and I am sure you know as much as you loath it, others love it and this is true of every blogger who puts their ideas out there for public consumption.

In other words, you can describe my blogs in the most vile and insidious manner but that does absolutely nothing other than to make you feel good.

I will always blog about the issues I care about exactly the same way I wish to,  completely unbothered with how you or those who can’t stand my blogs feel or think about them.

You say, “Like I have said before, I don’t have anything against Mr. Omwenga or his IDOL Raila.”

I must give you the Lie of the Year Award on this one.

You say, “I get pretty disgusted when he goes about painting this picture that he is an analyst of current events when in fact what he writes, only exist in his mind!”

Why would you be disgusted if what I write exists only in my mind? Should you not instead be happy if all I write is fiction and not precise political analysis based on current events or are you disgusted with it because what I write is so analytically precise and true? As I told some other whiner, don’t hate, pen your own analysis. I don’t claim to have a monopoly of this and neither should anyone; if you are disgusted, pen your own analytic response and not these angry outbursts I am now compelled to respond to, devoid of substance as they are.

You say, “Take for instance this assertion that he claims. For some reason, according to him, if the Kalenjins and the Kikuyus vote as a block— that is tribalism. Can you believe this bullsh**? I mean, you have to be a retard to buy these stuff or even entertain it for one second!”I don’t know what your English level is but I would encourage you to go back and re-read my blogs and you should be able to see the argument I make is, the Kikuyus and Kalenjins must take the lead in ending tribalism. That does not mean they are the only ones engaged in tribalism and neither have I said anywhere that they are the only ones who vote as a bloc. I even in one of the blogs categorically stated that, if the Kikuyus and Kalenjin do this, the rest of the country will follow suit so rather coloring your non-point with vulgar language, get the information correct by properly reading and understanding what it is I say in these blogs.

You can inform yourself on my position on ending tribalism and negative ethnicity in Kenya by at least reading my blog (or “crap” as you prefer) The Kikuyu Must Lead In Ending Tribalism In Kenya, Followed By The Kalenjin and the Rest of the Country Will Follow

You say, “In one of his latest stupid blogs he says...”I and others believe and have stated elsewhere, including in communication to President Kibaki himself that the Kikuyus and Kalenjins must lead the nation in ending  tribalism and negative ethnicity in Kenya by not voting as a bloc, in the case of the Kalenjin and by voting for someone other than “their own” and not voting as bloc, too, in the case of Kikuyus.(An Open Letter To H.E. Retd. President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi, C.G.H.) Folks, I am not going to insult you by belittling your intelligence just like Mr. Omwenga  did! Those who really know Kenya and her politics will tell you that the Luos’, since independence, have always voted as a bloc. 

I refer you to what I have just said above regarding ending tribalism and voting in blocs. I can add a point here about transitional and transformational periods in leadership and politics but I am sure you won’t understand it, given how you have not understood my basic points so let me leave that for another day.

Suffice to say this is the underlying philosophy in my missives to Kibaki and Moi.

You say, So for someone like Mr. Omwenga to have the audacity to preach to us about tribalism and how Raila is above it ALL is VERY INSULTING AND PATHETICALLY MISLEADING, not to mention the fact that it HAPPENS TO BE THE BIGGEST LIE EVER INVENTED!!! It actually pisses me off!

Nothing I have blogged is misleading or a lie except in your own little world and the biggest lie ever invented is the one I have awarded Lie of the Year above.

Everything that you have said about Luos I have either addressed it in the past in response to you and others, or it belongs in the national healing dialogue I suggested to you above.

Everything you have said about Kalenjins, I have addressed in my many blogs, including

The News About RV ODM MPS Getting Set To Regain Ground In RV In Good News Not Just For ODM But For The Country As Well,

My Response To Those In Denial About Raila’s Successful Moves In RV and ODM Overal Prospects in 2012

Everything you have said about Ruto, I have addressed in my many blogs about him, which I referred you to read in my last response but if you have not had time to read all of them, at least read Who Is William Ruto Part VI: The Succession Game And Why The Scheme To Topple Raila Has Failed

You say, “Folks, does this makes sense to you? Is this logical? If you guys are smart enough (which I believe you are), you would see that this Omwenga dude is just another of those Raila stooges who doesn’t think for themselves nor even bother to deal with facts. Facts to them are like oil and water! They don’t mix.

I assume you are smart enough to understand why I need not respond to this nonsense?

You say, “Mr. X, don’t even bother about the letter that Mr. Omwenga wrote to Mr. Moi. The Kalenjins parted ways with Raila a long time ago. And the Kalenjins doesn’t even follow what Moi thinks or tells them anymore. They never did in 2007 anyway, so why the heck would they do that now.”

This remains to be seen, does it not?

You say, “But they have realized that they made a HORRENDOUS MISTAKE in 2007 in SUPPORTING Raila alias “Arap Mibei.”

Raila and ODM are slowly but surely regaining lost ground in the RV, ground lost due to Ruto’s lies and shenanigans and my prediction is, come elections next year, Raila will carry RV and let me not say upende usipende for mine is just an informed prediction.

As I told someone just yesterday, many of you from RV who come ranting and raving against Raila in these fora either forget or genuinely don’t know that bloggers like myself have friends on the ground in RV who provide us accurate assessment–good and bad but objective nonetheless that’s 1000x more meaningful even when it’s inaccurate or off than anything you could ever write or say here.

In fact, one of my friends there did not even vote for Raila in 07 and even remains uncommitted to-date but he nonetheless has his ear to the ground and knows about everything there is to know there.

My point is, speak for yourself and your anti-Raila crowd and remain in denial as much as you wish, but the reality is, Awambo is in all likelihood on the way to State House again and this time nobody is going to prevent his swearing in.

You say, I don’t like tribalism. Period! But I am not that dumb enough or too naive to think that leaders like Raila are not tribalists. He has his tribe solidly behind him  like always. He HOLDS SWAY WITH THE LUO’S and simply the fact that other tribal leaders hold sway with their tribes MAKES THEM TRIBALISTS NOW? Please Mr. Omwenga, spare me YOUR MADNESS!!!

What you call madness is otherwise known as truth in this case, which I cannot spare you or anyone.

I have nothing to say about what you have said about Miguna Miguna as I have said all I have to say about it on my blog Miguna May Be Hurting But He Is Being Disingenuous As To Raila.

You say, “Mr. Omwenga, call me a tribalist if you want to. I care less. But one fact I can bet my own very life is that here in America, people are divided along tribal lines (they call it ideology). And in  my book, tribalism and ideology are one and the same. It makes people not use their minds or vote with principles. America nearly defaulted because of zealots like you Omwenga, who see facts and reality in a very strange way.

I actually don’t think you are a tribalist; you just hate Raila and cannot stand the fact he is likely the next president in Kenya but I don’t think this has to do anything with him being Luo and neither have I seen anything to lead me to believe you hate Luos as a group, which would be the other component necessary to qualify as a tribalist.

On the other hand, I do believe all your anger and rage against Raila derives from PEV, which is why I have strongly recommended that you seek closure, perhaps through the above suggested dialogue or other means.

You are most certainly hurting and it’s obvious.

As I said, I am praying for you whether you accept or not and I truly mean that.

You say, “In conclusion, we are all entitled to our opinions, but not our own sets of facts! Be clear on that Mr. Omwenga.”

I’ll tell you the same thing I told you last time about this same point: heed your own counsel.

You say, “And Raila is not fit to be a leader of any nation, let alone Kenya.”

He is and more.

You say, “To me, he should have met the same fate that Ochuga got at Kamiti prison.”

You have crossed the line here and I strongly encourage you to withdraw this statement.

You say, “Treason is treason no matter how some try to color it. And I have no qualms saying Raila met all the criteria under the afore mentioned term! I rest my case.

Same advise.

Peace, Love and Unity
Samuel N. Omwenga, Esq.
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