My Response To A Kalenjin Still In Denial About the Truth Regarding Raila and Rift Valley Politics

27 Jul

The following is my comprehensive response to a Kalenjin netter who raises the same old false claims about Raila and Rift Valley, and specifically, that Raila has no chance in getting votes in the Rift Valley, when ever indication is, Raila will do just fine and is making every effort, as he should, to make sure this is, indeed, the case in the end.

My response:

Before I respond to your harangue below, or even before you read mine, you should first go to my blog and read what I have written about Ruto. I know what I have written about him is a lot, so just read Who Is William Ruto Part V and you’ll see that I have done a thorough legal analysis of the case against him, Kosgey and Sang, and concluded all 3 men will not be convicted either at the Hague or in Kenya for the legal reasons I state in the blog.

You will notice that I have provided objective, legal reasons, not the the emotional banter you offer below, why Ruto should not be charged as he is, let alone tried or convicted.

You say, “Folks, I am forced to respond to the current discussion in the sense that there seems to be total idiots in this forum who spout their hatred for Mr. William Rutto.

If you have perused my blog as I suggested, you have therefore readily noted that I am the opposite of those “idiots” who “spout their hatred for Mr. William Ruto.”

In fact, not uncharacteristic of me, I have shown and continue to show nothing but love and kindness for Ruto not because I have to, but because I have no reason not to.

You’ll notice in my blogs about him that I have analyzed and concluded he is a selfish schemer but so are many a politician.

I recently hinted here and elsewhere that I am about to post my last blog about him, and last plea to him to wake up and make amends with Raila, thereafter I’ll wash my hands of him and wait to tell him, I told you so, if he still remains stone deaf to my counsel.

BTW, I have several questions for you: Does someone have to be an idiot in order to “spout their hatred for Mr. William Ruto?”

Or put it differently, is there a correlation between hate and intellect?

Is an idiot more prone to hate for no reason than a genius?

Conversely, is a genius more prone to love than hate for any reason?

I am not a psychologist but I know enough to tell you hate is driven by neither stupidity nor intelligence but by emotion, so labeling people as idiots, just because they express hate, if they do, is simply misplaced and unnecessary verbiage; just stick to telling us what it is they have said that is hateful of Ruto.

In other words, labeling people as idiots does not make them less or more haters and neither does it make them good or bad haters, assuming, as one must, that you mean being an “idiot” hater is worse than an intelligent hater.

Makes no sense to me and thus my effort to point out to you, in debate or any other discourse for that matter, avoid labeling people names; just make your case and let your reader or listener come to conclusions as to who is an idiot or whatever you are trying to describe, you, or those you describe as such: the determining factor is the content of your debate or discourse.

You say, “I bet some of these retards doesn’t even know the man other than what the so called Kenyan National Commission on Human Rights (read Omar Hassan) espouses!!!

Someone can say you are a retard by your incorrect use of English grammar in your sentence calling others retards; who is right? My point is the same, just avoid calling people names as it neither makes nor advances whatever point you are trying to make and, even more importantly, they, too, can call you the same thing so where does that leave the discourse?

Nowhere other than downward spiraling.

You say, “Despite  being a Kalenjin, I haven’t necessarily been a vocal supporter of Mr. Rutto. I have nothing against the man. My main beef ( which a lot of my tribesmen vilified me for), was the fact that he supported Mr. Raila Odinga in 2007. I had vigorously told the said folks that Raila was not a man to be TRUSTED.”

Question for you: Who did you tell these “folks” was to be trusted in 2007 in lieu of Raila?

I can ask you to tell us what reasons you told these “folks” why Raila could not be trusted in 2007 but that would be unhelpful.

You say, “All of them now tell me that I was right all along in my analysis.”

Well, congratulations on this staggering feat.

You say, “And to reiterate again, I have nothing against Mr.Raila.My opinion has always been that he is not cut to be the President of Kenya.

In the new Kenya, leaders must be elected, based not on opinion and innuendo, which can easily be manipulated, but based on provable and demonstrable facts and information that establish one’s qualification to be elected president.

Just as your claim that you advised your fellow Kalenjins that Raila was not to be trusted in 2007, your assertion that you have always held an opinion that Raila is “not cut” to be president of Kenya is equally devoid of any substance upon which either can can be evaluated and therefore both must be dismissed as nothing but hyperbole.

You say, “Who knows, may be I am just biased since he one tried to overthrow a legitimately elected government of the Republic of Kenya.”

I, too, am with you on this bias. I have actually never understood to this day why people bother to liberate their fellow country men and women from “legitimately elected” but oppressive governments. My view is, these governments should and ought to be allowed to continue oppressing their people with impunity and if people have an issue with that, they should wait until the next elections and vote these oppressive governments out. If these oppressive governments have put in place mechanisms to ensure that they “legitimately” remain in power, then this is a fact we all must learn to live with rather than trying other means to remove them from from power so I agree with you, Raila’s admitted involvement in efforts to remove the oppressive government of Moi from power is nothing he should be proud of and nobody should ever give him any credit for his gallant and sacrificial efforts to liberate the people of Kenya for which he ended up paying dearly.

You say, “And it has nothing to do with a Kalenjin being the president then.”

I am with you here, too; why should it make a difference which tribal leader is oppressing his people. The key thing is, if it is a “legitimately” elected government, it should ought to be allowed to oppress its people at will and without any recourse for those who feel compelled to do something about it.

You say, “Call me naive if you want, I just don’t believe and TRUST those folks who want power EVEN TRHOUGH THE BARREL OF A GUN.

Again, I could not agree with you more; people like Nelson Mandela should never, ever be trusted and I don’t even understand why Mandela was ever elected president of South Africa, having previously resorted to armed struggle to liberate black and colored South Africans. Rather than resorting to armed struggle, the best thing Mandela and ANC could have done in fighting apartheid and the oppressive regime of South Africa should have been simply look the other way, while their people were being oppressed.
Ditto for Raila; rather than resorting to other means to remove the oppressive Moi from power, the best thing he should have done is to simply look the other way, while Kenyans continued to be oppressed.

Never mind that Raila’s efforts and sacrifices and those of others led to the Second Liberation and now the Third Liberation with the promulgation of the new constitution. As you say, these people cannot be trusted for putting their lives on the line for the sake of liberating the people of Kenya.

You say, “I know Raila’s die-hards are hyperventilating at this juncture.”

This is one die-hard Railaist who’ll never hyperventilate over anything he reads here or anywhere else for that matter.

You say, “Just calm down and read on!

Again, no “hyperventilation” here, but I am reading on.

You say, “I have nothing against Tinga alias Arap Mibei. He just happens to be a radical. Well, nothing wrong being a radical.

I assume you have already identified your own contradiction, if not hypocrisy in this assertion, viz what you have said above?

Actually, I am one on some level since my undergrad major is political science.”

Pursuing an undergraduate degree in political science makes you a radical? What am I missing here?

You say, “But being a radical and being a Statesman are two different things.

Not necessarily, but what’s your point?

You say, “Raila has never has the fortitude to be one[Statesman].

Raila is, in fact, a statesman and has been for a very long time; at least since 2008 when he took the high road and agreed to share power with Kibaki, who he had defeated at the polls.

You say, “Raila is no Nelson Mandela or Dr. M L King Jr.

Raila has never said he is a Nelson Mandela nor has he ever claimed he is a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

However, if you must go there, let me state the obvious that Raila has a lot in common with the two great men than any presidential candidate in Kenya today and for a long time to come.

To illustrate, close your eyes and think pick any of the candidates other than Raila and try to compare any with these great men; see anything in common with them?


Now do the same thing with Raila; see anything in common?

If you don’t see at least 5, you need to hit those political science books a little harder.

You say, “[Raila] never knew and still doesn’t know how to be a REAL LEADER!

You are so acerbically alone in this view, there is no need to comment on it any further.

You say, “Like I was telling my folks, Raila came to “bite the hand that fed him“.

I assume you are here trying to say something about Kale’s voting for Raila only to have him “bite” them?

This is such a tired lie first put forth by Ruto and now you and others.

Raila never has and never will do anything to “bite” anyone’s hand that feeds him; his enemies and distractors relish on telling lies to the contrary but in the end, they shall all come to pass with no effect.

You say, “And folks, we are entitled to our own opinions, but what we are not entitled to, is our own sets of facts! Never!

Of course; unless it serves our own purposes and propaganda.

You say, “The truth of the matter is that Raila owes the position of PM to the electorate of Rift Valley(read kalenjins). Thats a fact that Railalets don’t even want to fathom or acknowledge! Too bad coz you can’t argue with facts.

Please heed to your own counsel, with my caveat: you are entitled to your own opinion but not your own set of facts.

You have here manufactured your own set of “facts” and now wish that I or anyone argue with them?

No way.

You say, “Raila has lost the Kalenjin vote

No; he has not. He may have lost some votes of the likes of you and a few others Ruto has managed to misinform and mislead but by every indication is, Raila will harvest a good chunk of votes in the Rift Valley, if not sweep it altogether.

You say, “As to why Mr. Raila has lost the Kalenjin vote and why, is a story for another day.

Very clever. You have nothing to say about something, better not say anything at all.

You cannot articulate a single reason why Raila has “lost” the Kalenjin vote other than Ruto’s lies and distortions.

Note one.

You say, “But it is suffice to say that Tinga doesn’t have any clear path to State House other than Nyanza proper and his Langata domicile.”

You are so acerbically alone in this view, there is no need to comment on it any further.

You say, “Anyone wishing to win the presidency has to go through Kalenjin land.

You missed the memo.

The message we are preaching now is ending tribalism as a determinative factor in presidential elections.

With Raila’s win in 2012, the big, fat, ugly animal of tribalism would be slain and never to be heard of again.

So, get with the program and start preaching the same message.

No one has to go through Kalenjin land, or Kikuyu land, or Kisii land, or whatever people’s land to win the presidency; they just need to be elected on the strength of their qualifications and their vision for the country.

This is what Raila is running on and, as I have repeatedly stated, he wins, the whole country wins, he loses, tribalism prevails much to the jubilation of the likes of you, which shall be sad, indeed, for the country.

You say, “Those are the realities of politics in Kenya as of today. Anyone saying different is just bwoggable or has been drinking a lot of kool-aid!

I am saying what you say is not the reality of politics in Kenya as of today and no, I am not “bwoggable” and neither have I been drinking any kool-aid.

In fact, I am sipping fine Kenyan tea, as I am penning this response to you.

You say, “Now the Kalenjin mood has shifted again and things have become elephant in Tingas ODM. Tinga has lost control and things in ODM are nolonger at ease!!!

I suggest you read my two blogs in which I have thoroughly analyzed the Rift Valley “issue” and concluded Raila will do just fine there and these are, My Response to Those In Denial About Raila’s Successful Moves In RV, and The News About Rift Valley ODM MPs Getting Set To Regain Ground Is Good News for the Country.

Everything you have said about Ruto is emotional blather I need not respond to.

As I suggested above, you should have read my blog on what I have said about PEV, Ruto and ICC, which is what you are trying to say in your emotional, and sometimes angry blather but all you need to say, I have already said in my blog, which I suggest you read, if you have not already for what types of arguments you should be making instead of what you have here.

BTW, I know this is so difficult for the likes of you, but can you try to make your arguments without dragging Raila into every argument you try to make, even where there is clearly no connection?

The last time I checked, there were only six suspects charged with PEV.

Yet, you have spent breathless moments here in futile efforts to make Raila the seventh suspect.

I can tell you are good at making up facts as in when you claim that Kalenjin’s made Raila PM, but no amount of creativity in the manufacture of facts can lead to you or anyone creating any, even for purposes of propaganda, that could even remotely link the Right Hon. Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga to PEV.

You can’t do that and neither can anyone else among all of you who refuse to accept facts and reality when it comes to RAO.

You say, “But my bet is on Kalonzo Musyoka as the man to beat next year.”

Please go to my blog A Conversation With Kalonzo Musyoka for my take on the man.

I have elsewhere said, if Kalonzo were to somehow be elected president, I would have to move to a neighboring country and live there until I fully recover from the shock.

Peace, Love and Unity

Samuel N. Omwenga, Esq.



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2 responses to “My Response To A Kalenjin Still In Denial About the Truth Regarding Raila and Rift Valley Politics

  1. George

    July 27, 2011 at 8:11 AM

    I cannot agree with you more Bwana Omwenga. Elect Raila and tribalism in Kenya is dead as dodo. Luos are not like Kikuyus who insist that one of their own must be president. In fact, electing Raila will open Luo Nyanza to the fact that having one of their own does not bring food on their table. And when this happens, Kenya will be the winner.

  2. Eva Koech

    July 26, 2012 at 3:27 AM

    Omwenga, I have just come across your blog. Very interesting and well written. You are right in most of your assertations but very wrong on one. Rao is not making much influence in kalenjin land purely because of his front-liners in the area who are former Moi inner men and women and who happen to have jumped into ODM ship in the last minute. Their allegiance is to Moi and not Raila.The susbstance of their being is Moi. Unfortunately Raila has put them on the firing line and i assure you, when push comes to shove, they will leave him. They owe nothing to rao but to moi who made them what they are. I can name them for you even in Nyanza and western. They r all extra baggage and a liability to raos quest for Presidency. So my advise to you, please get down to the grassroot and find out for yourself if the kosgeys, the franklin betts etc are adding any value to rao


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