Butchering the English Language, What’s Martha Karua Up-to And Central Voting Habits

27 Jul

The use of proper English once in awhile pops up as a heated exchange here and there among and between the culprits and would be grammar specialists in these fora.

Sometimes we make genuine typos in our incessant habit of some of us hitting the “send” button before reviewing whatever it’s we have written, sometimes we truly have no clue or just can’t figure it.

I once had someone send me a private email, saying how much she enjoys reading my blogs, even though she does not often agree with me.

She told me in another email, however, that I should edit my blogs to make sure they are grammatically error free because she can’t stand reading anything less than grammatically perfect.

I assume she must be some English teacher or professor somewhere, telling by her sternness in stating the point.

I replied to her that by habit I hardly ever edit my work; its nonstop writing and sending and the reason I don’t, is because (1) no time and (2) I’ll end up rewriting the whole thing.

That’s just my writing style; it’s one time draft and finished, brief or whatever else.

I am not even sure when or how I picked that habit but that’s what I always know as far as I can remember.

It’s also been a good thing I am my own boss and have no one to go over my work because you change even as a word or ask me to and we are finished.

I found this about myself when I was at the Department of Justice as a Litigation Support law clerk, where the senior attorneys I was working under would mark all over my work, at some point I thought they had been sent on a mission to irritate me from Satan himself.

I learned to cope, though, assuring myself it was only temporary and surely I moved on, started my own firm where I could write my own briefs without as someone attempting to tell me how to.

While other attorneys would have their paralegals write or at least do first drafts of their briefs, never have; I’d rather do it myself.

Back to my English or professor reader, I do understand where she is coming from, however, as I am the same way; I get distracted or amused–as the case may be, whenever I find errors where I do not expect any.

For example, reading a story Karua No Longer An Astute Defender of Kibaki in the Daily Nation Online earlier today, I came across the following:

“But Prof Matanga says whether Mr Mungatana runs with her or not is not as big an issue as her community.”

“The community votes as a bloc for a particular candidate and the Central power blockers appear keen on Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta,” he said.

Blockers? Of course, the writer meant, “brokers” but then I started laughing remembering I saw earlier something circulating about pronunciation of certain words by a segment of our people, to which a question arose: whose fault is this? The writer or the editor, or both?

I started looking to see the writer’s name but I stopped, telling myself to stay away from reinforcing these stereotypes.

All this had me remembering a very good old engineer client and later friend of mine I have not seen or heard of for several years now as we simply lost contact–I think he moved back home.

Despite my repeatedly urging him until I gave up, to simply call me by my first name, Sam, (he is my age-mate) my friend preferred to call me by my last name “Mr. Omwega,” not “Omwenga,” of course.

I have got to reconnect with him, now that I am thinking about him; very progressive but apolitical gentleman from deep Central.

On the story itself, a few things:

First, I think our brothers and sisters from Central will surprise everyone come 2012, in that they will for the first time break with tradition and not vote as a bloc for their own.

Second, notwithstanding their overstocked wallets–which no doubt will have an impact in all other races, Central power brokers will be surprised how things are vast and fast changing, I would not be surprised they pull the rug from under the feet of those otherwise counting on their support, and rally with the winner, who should be obvious by then, especially if we go to Round Two.

Third, I have yet to pen my last part of my series of blogs on HMK but I have a perfect recommendation for her that I’ll share about her presidential ambitions.

Hint: Not 2012.

That’s coming soon.

Peace, Love and Unity

Samuel N. Omwenga, Esq.

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