Prof. Ongeri Please Step Aside and Leave Abagusii Out of Your Quagmire

23 Jun

Prof. Ongeri is quoted in today’s Standard Online edition as getting ready to “lay the red carpet” for Kibaki in Kisii. I understand he and Kibaki are good friends and therefore his pal would do everything to protect him but there comes a time even friendship must yield to what is right and what is right now is for Ongeri to step aside and allow a full and complete investigation of the Ksh 4.2 billion stolen in his ministry and under his watch.

Ongeri keeps saying he is innocent, then let him step aside and be exonerated. That’s what innocent people do.

Oddly, Ongeri now claims this mounting pressure for him to step aside is “political now, people have gone beyond the ministry. People have gone personal on this matter.”

What is he talking about?

When has corruption not been political or personal?

The right thing Ongeri should is, is simply step aside.

Hiding behind Kibaki can only shield him but so long.

Seeking tribal solace or protection behind Abagusii will not work because Kenyans are beyond that now.

You commit a crime or an offense, or you engage in corruption, you are on your own.

No more running and trying to stir tribal defense against those with the noose for justice with your name on it.

I am willing to give Ongeri the benefit of doubt but his continued resistance to stepping aside only goes to show he knows something he should be worried about.

As is always the case in situations like this, one is either guilty of something or they are incompetent for not knowing something this big happened under their watch; it’s like having one’s priced car missing from the driveway when the watchman was at the only gate to the driveway.

Which one is it for Ongeri? Guilty or sleeping on the job?

The answer can only be provided, if Ongeri steps aside and allows a complete and full investigation.

He might get a pass, if the answer is simple incompetence that allowed theft of this amount of money.

He will be made to pay, if the answer is he is culpable in the theft of this money.

Continued resistance to stepping aside points to Ongeri not being concerned about getting a pass for incompetence.

Peace, Love and Unity

Samuel N. Omwenga, Esq.

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