Why Do People Hate Raila So Much; A Personal Story Involving A Friend Who No Longer Is Because of My Support For Raila

05 Jun

In response to news bit from a netter regarding Raila’s attending a wedding of the son of Henry Kosgey, the MP for Tinderet and Chairman of ODM and f ICC fame where Raila also met and was warmly welcomed by both players fro the Rift, I responded as follows, given the political implication of just that one event and what was said there by both Kosgey an Raila. I in the process of responding ended up writing this blog about a Raila hater friend.

My response and blog about my Raila hater friend:

I wonder how many of the Raila haters had upset stomachs or threw up when they saw that [PM attending the wedding and being warmly welcomed by Kosgey and Sally].

Talking about Raila haters, here is another true story: Just before the elections of 07, I had someone from Kenya I was helping in a business matter involving a business associate of mine in Thailand. I would usually meet this person at Inter-Continental whenever in Nairobi.

I knew from the first day we met that he hated Raila very well and would not hear of Raila being elected president even back then but I did not wish to have him know I was from the opposite side of his views so you can imagine how difficult talking about politics was whenever we met, especially when it came around talking about Raila, which I always tactically tried to stay away from as I much as I could but I could easily handle all other subjects (on the phone from here that was not an issue as the conversation will be short and strictly business).

In December, I took time off from here to be home for the elections so the individual invited and insisted that I visit him at his residence, something I generally avoid doing because of the short time I am usually home, sometimes 2 or 3 days so I prefer meeting at a convenient location downtown where I can kill many birds with one stone as far as time is concerned.

Be as it may, I one day go to my friend’s home at his invitation and as we were getting ready to chow, we see on his large tv pictures of Raila preparing to have a press conference. This was close to elections so I wanted to hear what Raila was about to say and asked my friend if he could turn up the volume, which he did.

As Raila started speaking, my friend told me he will never vote and nobody should ever vote for this [I am withholding the name my friend called Raila because it was the first time I heard someone call him that and don’t believe I have heard it since and believe me, I have heard about all of them–but I don’t wish to introduce the name here, in case nobody has heard it and starts hurling it around], anyway, the man says he will not vote for this _____and then tells me to look and see who Raila was surrounding himself with: “Arabs,!” referring to Salim Lone, who was appearing with Raila at the press conference.

I was taken aback with this outburst and there was more but did not show it and pretended I did not hear and asked my friend to turn the volume back low and we went on to have one of the longest conversation over the late lunch (but shortest in actual time) as I had to excuse myself to leave for another meeting.

As was the case all times when dealing with him, my friend always had one of his drivers handy to pick me up or take me anywhere I wanted; he even offered one time to have the driver take me to the village to see mom.

In other words, other than hating Raila, the relationship between my friend and I was superb in every respect.

Until after the elections when the man saw me in one of the newscasts in which I was seen right next to Raila at one of his many press conferences during the crisis.

I know the man saw me at any of those conferences for I never heard from him ever again.

He didn’t even care anymore about the business matter I was handling for him; he basically said, “%$@# you Railaist; you are just as a [that word] and I would have nothing to do with you two!”

I can imagine that and I would be right.

Oddly, this notwithstanding, I often think about this friend–he still is in my book, and really wish to one day meet up with him over a drink and try to understand why would someone hate another person that much. For all I know, Raila has done nothing at all to this person; or at least I assume so as he never mentioned any such thing in the times we transacted business unless he thinks otherwise and hates Raila for that that reason but even that, why basically extend that dislike or hate to me, someone otherwise we were good friends, by refusing to even take my calls during and after the crisis.

In fact, during the crisis, I tried to call a number of people I knew were and still are close to Kibaki but none would take my calls.

But even long after the crisis was over and we had a coalition government, this friend still refused to take my calls except one time he answered and growled that he was busy and would call me back but never did!

BTW, he is an older man so I sometimes wonder if his hatred does not go back to Jaramogi’s time. You just never know which angle these haters come from: some its personal, some it is tribalism, some it is being rich, some it is you name it but even I who was so avidly against Raila at one point more than a decade ago, I never hated him at all as a person for I knew and still know he is a compassionate, free spirited upright man.

I have not given up hope on my friend, however. Remember my credo, if there is tomorrow, there is hope.

Anyway, back to Raila and his meeting with Kosgey and Sally, I suspect there is more of this to come in the weeks and months ahead, culminating in ODM sweeping the country yet again in victory come election time.

I believe so because I sense there is more love than hate in the air for ODM as led by Raila.

In any case, this is my prayer this beautiful Sabbath Day and always.

Peace, Love and Unity.

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One response to “Why Do People Hate Raila So Much; A Personal Story Involving A Friend Who No Longer Is Because of My Support For Raila

  1. samuel

    July 17, 2012 at 3:19 AM

    What you have said is very true i have observed that those who hate Raila tend to get defensive and emotional all of a sudden at the mention of his name..sometimes i wonder what in the world did Raila do to them…most of them have never even seen him face to face.On the other hand whether it be Uhuru,kalonzo or who ever else they do not seem to draw such strong emotions.You know its one thing to have a diferent opinion from a person and it is another to plainly hate him/her…since there is nothing much those who HATE Raila can offer in terms of reason it only shows that Raila indeed represents change…most of the times change is always difficult to accept.


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