My Response to Concerns, False Claims and Accusations Against Raila III

12 May

The following is my response to an individual who raised a number of issues and allegations he thought explain the rift between Raila and Ruto. In this individual’s view, Ruto and Raila are both to blame but the individual makes a number of allegations why he thinks Raila is to be blamed more than Ruto for the rift. I show in my response that the individual is mistaken; Ruto, not Raila is far more responsible for the rift than anything Raila has said or done to cause the rift but I have elsewhere including here on this blog extended an olive branch in behalf of Raila and ODM for Ruto to seek amends with Raila and return to ODM where his political future is brighter and more certain and assured than any dalliances he might have with Uhuru or anyone else would ever lead to.

My response to the individual:

You have raised a number of issues that I do believe are sincere and not merely an effort to malign Raila. So, let me in the same spirit try to respond them one by one and hopefully you may see things differently as to these issues; at least enough to give the man a break for he has not acted with malice as you seem to suggest. I posted the other day a response to someone who believes Raila should resign as PM because in the view of this individual, Raila “omitted” to do something he did not name.

In that response, I posited that if this individual were to point out to Raila what it is he has omitted to do as PM which he has authority to do and has otherwise not been impeded by his distractors in the coalition government, then I am sure Raila will take note, apologize and get to whatever that issue is and were that to be the case, I further posited that the individual should forgive that omission and let the PM do his job, not demand for his resignation which does not make sense there being no ground to resign as it were.

You have a similar but different beef with Raila. While yours is not based on omission as this individual’s but commission, you both and like minded non-Raila supporters will be thrilled beyond expectation if Raila were to give his quest to lead the nation as president and retire to his farm in Bondo. The rest and majority of the country, however, will not be as thrilled because they are so looking forward to his taking the helm of leadership and finally deliver on the promise they elected him in 2007.

Now, as to the specific issues you raise, let me address them this way:

You say, regarding problems between Raila and Ruto, “I heap a bigger share on Raila though Ruto too contributed.”

I commend you for this observation because it shows you are at least somewhat objective. I say Ruto, however, has a bigger share of the blame if anything for being disloyal. I can go on and on on this point alone but let me not but only add that, were Ruto to remain loyal as a Raila supporter, if he ever was (I maintain he was never a loyal supporter), none of the issues you raise or he has with Raila could not have been amicably resolved within the family of ODM. He was or became disloyal and others would say even extremely selfish and that is the genesis of his problems with Raila and ODM, not the issues you raise below I am about to show you why they are not real issues.

You say, “Ruto campaigned with vigor for Raila in the last election…”

Ruto’s campaigning with vigor for Raila is a non-issue and here is why: When Ruto failed to convince his mentor, Moi, to support him as a KANU presidential candidate for 2007, Ruto sought greener pastures in ODM, which overwhelmingly chose Raila is its flag bearer for the 2007 presidential election. Having lost the nomination to Raila, Ruto had two choices: Support Raila in his bid for the presidency or quit the party for yet other greener pastures. He chose to support Raila. Having chosen to support Raila in his bid for the presidency, it was expected of him and all others in the party to campaign with vigor for Raila. That’s part of what is called party loyalty.

You say, “I don’t know of anybody else who can match what he did for Raila, not even Mudavadi and that explains why he is very bitter with Raila.”

Ruto himself admitted in the Waki Report that Kalenjins were ready to vote en masse for anyone other than Kibaki and long before Ruto joined ODM, Raila had made inroads in the region to the point it was a foregone conclusion he will carry it; Ruto came along for the ride to victory therefore he cannot possibly make the case he did more for Raila than anyone else in 2007 and neither should you.

You say, “He spend alot of money and time to campaign for ODM and her presidential candidate and as we all know it ended up where everybody knows.

How much of this money is the fruit of the various scandals he has been accused of? How much of that came from ODM? How much of that was spent for his own reelection? Is this not crying crocodile tears?

You say, “Once he was safely in government, [Raila] chose to work and surround himself with his tribesmen (Orengo, Nyongo, Kwajwang and some MPs) ignoring those who helped him in the campaigns (Pentagon).”

I miss your point: are you saying Raila should have shunned these individuals because they are his “tribesmen?” Also, who exactly did Raila ignore at the Pentagon who helped him in the campaigns?

You say, “He became inaccessible to those who fought for him and it is at this point where the rains started falling.”

Please name names, who, when and where. I am fairly certain none of that list would include Ruto or any representative from the region with a need for access. You, of course, will agree access to a person of Raila’s stature is not and cannot be easy; the man is so popular and in demand everyone wants to have access but unfortunately that’s just not possible, if he has to do his job effectively so unless you have evidence that Raila denied access to Ruto or any representative from the region, then I am afraid this remains a charge with no proof.

You say, “Akina Ruto started complaining, but instead of listening to them, he unleashed his foot soldiers (Olago, Miguna, Olweny etc) to undermine them (he saw an opportunity to get rid of his opponents within ODM) and this is where the pentagon died!!”

In fact, Raila heard and listened to Ruto’s whining and complaining to the point it became annoying, especially when Ruto started being openly disloyal and disrespectful of Raila and ODM. Raila did not send “foot soldiers” to undermine Ruto; rather, Ruto undermined himself by being shortsighted and allowing himself to be misled by people who could care less what happens to his political future, once they are done with him and that’s where he finds himself today and thus my appeal for him to come off his high horses and find a way to return to ODM which has much, much better prospects for him than anywhere else.

As for the Pentagon, the fact is this was an electioneering instrument; it ceased to exist on the day Raila signed the coalition government agreement. All pentagon members, including Ruto became part of the coalition government. There were no elections to run until the next circle so your attributing the “death” of the Pentagon to Ruto’s whining is actually factually incorrect and even if that were not the case, the death of an organization or structure due to his whining and complaining without basis in fact is not something Ruto should be proud of.

You say, “at this point, I think somebody must have been mis-advising him because he developed a very thick skin to criticisms from his supporters…”

First of all I assume you meant to claim that Raila developed a “thin” not “thick” skin and that being your charge, I and most people who have observed Raila for years will beg to differ and can tell you Raila is perhaps one individual with the thickest skins in Kenyan politics other than a number of fallen heroes including his own father. Indeed, he is so thick skinned, he has let Ruto stay in ODM to this day while he could have had him thrown out a long time ago, if he was that thin skinned.

You say, “this is where he could have arrested the dissent that was building up but instead of talking to the Kalenjin leaders (Ruto) he fueled it by trying bypass the elected leaders to work with losers (akina Sirma and Bett) which backfired badly!!

This charge is really an insult not only of Honorable Musa Sirma but the entire Kalenjin community. Ruto having become ridiculously silly and obstinate in his political antics, Raila had every right to find other leaders to work with in the region to further their interests Ruto obviously did not care about even as he was going around falsely claiming otherwise. I can go on and on here about the lies Ruto has told the people of Rift Valley about Raila in efforts to alienate them from him but that will take the whole day I don’t have the time for that other than to say, the Kalenjins are wiser than simply following Ruto when they see he is leading them to a bottomless abyss. Sirma, Langat, Bett, Ntimama and other leaders from the region who have stayed with Raila despite great pressure from Ruto’s lies are not “losers.” Quite the contrary, they are winners and will in the end save the region from Ruto’s efforts to sink it with him, if he does not reverse course quick and be saved as well.

You say,”Then came the calls (Ruto leading) for those who were arrested (most of them Kalenjins) to be released, and this is where another problem came up!!! it needed tact to navigate the situation as all being held at that time was his supporters but the PM also did the unexpected!! he called for those arrested to be jailed!!

You are either ignorant of the facts surrounding this issue or you have deliberately told a bold lie. Raila, as ODM Chairman, led, not Ruto, efforts to obtain amnesty for most of the individuals arrested following the violence on the factual basis they were just demonstrators, not killers and rapists and other criminals who committed criminal offenses even you would agree belong in jail. Please review the Waki Report and familiarize yourself with the facts and issues in this complex saga that is still unfolding. This report will also show you how wrong in the rest of your charges against Raila on PEV that I need not therefore respond to.

You say, “Then came the Mau!! here the PM failed miserably!! he was given a hot potato (bait) by his co-principal and he swallowed it line hook and sinker!! and this is one of those things which make me doubt the intelligence of the PM and his advisors!!

The Mau issue is yet another one of those false issues Ruto cleverly but wrongly manufactured along the way in his crusade against Raila that not only is hypocritical and pathetic but perhaps the single most important evidence of Ruto’s character flaw. To exploit an issue of such environmental and national significance for shortsighted political gain is abominable. Again, this is one of those issues I can spend a whole day analyzing, edifying and otherwise showing how Raila has been all right about it and Ruto and a few others completely culpably wrong but no need to; most people who know better than follow lies and distortions know the truth but if you care to fully understand why Raila has taken the stance he has in the national interest, just Google it and learn.

Perhaps, to put an exclamation point to this, let me answer the you ask,”why would you want to do something like that without looking at the politics involved? didn’t he remembered Kibaki handing over titles to the same people in 2005 during the referendum? and was it not Kibaki now telling him to lead eviction of the same people?

The answer: As he has proven over and over, Raila puts country first and politics second in addressing questions and national significance.  This is what a leader does. A political opportunist, on the other hand, puts politics first, country second, which is what you would have wanted Raila to do by your questions. Raila is beyond that and would not let politics dictate what he does when national interests are at stake. Had Raila ceded to Ruto’s lies and distortions in the fight to save the Mau forest, all Kenyans would have lost in a manner we could not possibly recover.

Thank God Raila won the battle and the Mau forest is saved for all to benefit.

BTW, do you stop to think if Raila is being blamed for things he has not done or has no control over, what do you think would happen to him if he abdicated on his responsibility to lead the fight against the destruction of the Mau forest when all the dozens of rivers and five lakes the forest feed dried up and there was no more water in the country from these sources?  Do you now get what Raila has to deal with? This is what makes him a true leader the country needs at this point in our history and is the reason I believe he will be so elected.

You say, “Now, did you expected Ruto to keep quite when all that was happening?

Yes. Ruto should have kept quiet and enjoyed the coattails of Raila’s victory at the elections rather than creating these phony issues, which have done nothing but adding to the distructions Raila has to deal with in addition to managing the affairs of the country as PM.

You say, “I think you can go ahead and deny all that but, the fact is, Raila failed the Kalenjins who voted for him almost to a man and he failed them big time!!”

I have not denied anything you have said; I have instead refuted everything you have alleged here.

You say, “there are better ways of doing things than the way the PM did without causing the fallout that followed his actions…”

There is nothing Raila could have done more than he has done and continues to do to prevent Ruto from engaging in the antics he is given it’s all about Ruto and if you call this a “fall-out” it’s a fallout without consquence to Raila’s likely election as our next president. Again, I as many others I know in ODM extend a welcome mart for Ruto to return to the party and if you follow any of my postings, I for one I have long since forgiven him for all his misdeeds pain he has caused the party. I think it was Indira Gandhi who said you cannot shake a hand with a clenched fist. ODM’s hand is wide open and extended the question is, is Ruto’s open or is it a clenched fist. I hope the former.

You say, “now I want you to go ahead and mention the things you believe Ruto did to Raila to an extend that he chose to bypassed him and worked with akina Sirma.”

He lies about Raila too much. By constantly lying to the people of Rift Valley, he showed contempt for them (hopefully not anymore). He has not once told the truth about his relationship with Raila since he decided for whatever reason to go against Raila and ODM. He was disloyal to Raila long before he even joined the party. He wrongly believes Raila owes him political patronage beyond what he received. He has not once cared about building the party from the day Raila entered into a coalition government agreement with Kibaki. He has since, in fact, worked to destroy the party but failed.

Again, all these notwithstanding, I still encourage him to return to ODM for his own benefit and the party will resume working with him to deliver on the promise given to his constituents that has so far been made difficult, if not impossible to achieve because of his antics.

Peace, Love and Unity.

Samuel N. Omwenga, Esq.

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