The Voters in 2012 Will Elect Someone Who Deserves to Be Elected on His or Her Record

28 Apr

There are two related but distinct functions of high office holders and elected officials aided by their respective staffs: political and policy. Other than in dictatorships, it takes great leadership and skill to quickly and effectively propose and implement policy change or changes to address a rising serious problem or conditions. On the other hand, it takes more than leadership and skill to initiate and implement policy changes with divisive political implications, or those hampered by it.

In both cases, namely in exigent and normal circumstances, a true leader must successfully engage those with the tools to bring about and implement such policies otherwise you cannot have successful policy adoption or change. In other words, an effective and visionary leader identifies a problem, crafts a strategy to deal with it and rallies the public or at least a majority to support it while employing all available tools and tactics to ensure the policy is implemented, which in our system requires maneuvering through the Cabinet, Parliament and the Executive and its its bureaucrats which each can easily frustrate such policy initiation and implementation.

In routine non-controversial matters, this is indeed a routine exercise or a walk for any leader, even a novice for that matter.

In complicated or divisive policy issues, it takes a seasoned and skilled leader to rally the public and effectively maneuver the aforementioned parliamentary and administrative obstacles to successfully implement good policy.

This is what Raila does best.

Upon returning from his successful official trip overseas, Raila meet with the president and the two as the executive heads of the country under the coalition agreement, agreed to a solution to deal with increasing cost of living due to fuel price increases.

This is what leaders are expected to do instead of being mired in political quagmire which defeats progress.

In this sense, it matters not one bit whether one or the other leader or leaders gets credit; that is secondary if not irrelevant altogether to the country getting what it needs.

We are often so caught up in giving or denying credit we forget it is delivery of services and goods for the benefit of the citizenry that needs it that matters the most not who gets the credit for doing. The Bible teaches us that the day-of-judgment for mankind cometh but the day-of-judgment for an elected politician in Kenya is on Election Day every four years. That’s when the people he or she is supposed to serve give him or her credit according to what services he or she has provided for their benefit from when they last elected him or her.

That’s what elections are for in an ideal setting.

Unfortunately, however, and as you know, giving credit where credit is due is not all that matters in having a successful run for office. Voters must next be influenced by all sorts of irrelevant factors or are simply bought out and therefore having their vote negated as an expression of an informed will or issue based decision to be so led such that we end up with elected officials riding to office in a state completely disconnected from a desire to serve ordinary wananchi, which is and ought to be a calling in by itself instead of a tool for self-aggrandizement which it often is.

On the other hand, as has been truly the case many times in our current coalition government, we sometimes end up with a paralyzed and unable to function government because one side of the coalition, or at least a good portion of it refuses to believe the other half is equally at par with it so much so they would rather have stagnation and paralyzation than doing or not doing something that results in Raila getting credit for having initiated or otherwise having made it possible.

Where such efforts have succeeded, and there are a few, it is not Raila who loses or suffers, it is the our country; our people that one hopes we have seen the last of it and not anymore.

Rather than wallowing in the past where politics of destruction was the order of the day, those vying for office, especially at the presidential level should rise above such politics and state the case why they should be elected viz Raila who seems to create strange bedfellows united only in their desire to block him from ascending to the presidency for no other reason other than the fact none of them can individually make the case why they should be elected president and win enough votes to be so elected unlike Raila, who can based on his record.

Peace, Love and Unity.

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