My Response About “Diaspora Spokesperson” and Wasteful Government Spending

25 Apr

The following is my recent response to someone who claims to be “Diaspora Spokesperson” and accusation by the individual that Prime Minister Raila Odinga is just like Kibaki in allowing wasteful spending by the government:

My response:

There is no such a thing a thing as “Diaspora Spokesperson” and holding oneself as such is misleading or at least confusing. More than a decade ago, a few of us in the Diaspora started the campaign for dual citizenship which has now become a reality–well, pending passage of the implementing laws. I urge you and others to join me and others in now pushing for a true Diaspora Spokesperson in the form of a Diaspora Representative in our Parliament.

Regarding performance of coalition government, I am on record from a long time in position that real government performance will start in the next  government because best as Raila has tried with a little assistance from Kibaki to make the coalition government function effectively enough to tackle the issues of the day, he is hampered by the fact that a coalition government formed under the circumstances ours was, compounded with deeply entrenched norms and practices that favor impunity and corruption, creates a  situation where what we are seeing is the best you are going to have until after the next elections.

Put another way, there is a mountain to move which Raila is trying but cannot move without  the help of the people who have already in Part I overwhelmingly passed the new Constitution and in Part II, will elect a committed and proven reformist visionary and architect to move the country forward to where we are late but need to be.  In my view, given the current line-up of presidential contenders, the person to be so elected is Rt. Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga.

On the incident involving former US Ambassador Ranneberger, Raila was right in castigating him for breaking protocol and accreditation rules in trying to lecture the Prime Minister on what was or not appropriate appropriation or expenditure for the government, especially in the setting where he made those comments so I am not sure why this Luo got so excited about the PM’s castigation of the ambassador and used that as an excuse to attack the PM.

Had the ambassador called on the PM and privately raised the exact same issue or concern with him, the PM would have likely told him he was barking the wrong tree for “Co-Equal” as he may be with Kibaki, when it comes to improperly spending or wasting public public funds, that is the province of the other half of the  government with Musyoka’s recent “luxury lobbying” being Exhibit A.

Finally please note I am all for constructive criticism of our leaders.

Peace, Love and Unity.

Samuel N. Omwenga, Esq.

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