My Response to A Comment Regarding My Response to A Virulent Luo Raila Distractor

23 Apr

The following is my response to the comment to my blog on the right titled “My Response to A Virulent Luo Raila Distractor.” The actual comment is at the end of that bog.

My response to the individual who has been ranting against Raila has nothing to do with whether or not Raila won in 07 so my being right or wrong as to whether he won is not relevant and so therefore your conclusion that my arguments are either justified or fallacious based on this false premise, i.e., that they had anything to do with 07 elections, is misplaced.

I agree with you that to be a viable party, especially as we wish to move our country forward with the new Constitution, a party that seeks the presidency must be national in character and composition. I will disagree with you, however, that Raila’s only allies now are Luos; that’s just not true and I’ll leave it at that.

As for Rafael Tuju, I have known him since long before he went to parliament and can even say we were friends. RT’s mistake was not failure to pay allegiance to Raila but his failure to recognize that Raila is here to stay no matter the storm.

Regarding Raila’s leadership, I am not the one calling him a leader; his character, his deeds, his story and what he has done for the country speaks to this issue and that is why he leads in the polls as compared to those seeking the presidency. As an employer, you give me the resumes of the top 5 presidential candidates in Kenya and ask me who would I hire without even an interview for the job, I’ll tell you Raila without any reservations. All other employers will do the same thing.

This is just fact and sometimes facts are hard to accept but try.

Polls are tricky business. I amuse myself all the time with them. When they show your candidate winning, they are authoritative and a strong prediction as to what is to happen at the actual poll. When they show your candidate loosing, they are unreliable, a sham, a popularity contest, the property of the candidate they show winning; everything except what they are if scientifically done and that is, accurate predictors within a 3-5% margin of error of the eventual results. So, I understand your dismissal of the fact Raila is leading the pack by far; how would you accept that as fact if he is not your man? You cannot; it’s human nature and it is the nature of politics.

Talking about polls and 07, after returning to the US following the chaos in early January 08, we learned that the hardly known International Republican Institute (IRI) <“”&gt; which was in Kenya as an observer during the elections, had conducted a nationwide exit poll as they do in all elections they observe. The information we had was that the exit polling data showed that Raila had won. This was now several days after Kibaki had already sworn himself as president or at least his people had so sworn him. Knowing this, we secured an appointment attended by myself, a current minister and two other individuals. Our goal was to have IRI publicly release this critical information which would have tremendously impacted the outcome of the impasse but they declined for reasons I know but need not disclose here.

As events played out, we did all the necessary lobbying (see my letter to the then US President GW Bush elsewhere on my blog), including having Congressional hearings held on the issue, which forced the US to change its policy (of supporting Kibaki) which in turn forced Kibaki to rethink and agree to discussions that ultimately led to coalition agreement made possible with Kofi Anna’s intervention and Raila’s willingness to compromise more than Kibaki did.

The rest of it is, as they say, history.

So, my friend, let’s enjoy the ride. We are in it all together and may the best candidate win. That could be my choice, Raila, or yours you have not disclosed and if your candidate wins, I as all Kenyans will support him if he is truly committed to uniting the country, tackling all the social and economic ills and otherwise moving the country in the direction of prosperity and peace as I know Raila will.

Unless, of course, it is Kalonzo Musyoka that wins, in which case as I have repeatedly told my friends, I will seek temporary refuge in neighboring countries at least long enough for my mind, my soul, my body and my whole recovers and gets used to the idea of him being president.

Peace, Love and Unity.

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