An Online Comment by A Kenyan Regarding Raila and Kibera

20 Apr

The following was a posting by someone in a number of Kenya online forums in response to an individual who was lambasting Raila for “doing nothing” for his Kibera constituents…

You are right, he [Raila] can never be somber because he is always sober. However, I wish to disagree that he has done nothing for Kibera people for the following reasons. Recently he influenced the high rise buildings  build for a part of Kibera constituents where they are now leaving very happily. This is a project that should have continued with availability of funds from the Government. Otherwise it is a project that cannot be done from an individual’s pocket due to a the huge sum of money outlay it requires. You will note, even if you were the Mp/President it is not possible to do it from your pocket.

Secondly have you ever heard of flying toilets? I know you have started wondering how a toilet can fly. However, Raila has done a lot to build decent toilets for his constituents and at least one can comfortably ease his/her natural calls unlike in the past.

Thirdly the roads which were impassable due to congestion of unplanned structures have been at least in some manner improved on and now they are passable.

Talk of schools a lot has been done to improve on the mad structures that used exist before he become the Mp. And for your information Lang’ata Constituency does not cover only Kibera slums and neither Raila is the first Mp as you seem to imagine. Raila only become an MP for Kibera recently after a hell of incarceration by Kenyatta and Moi for the sole reason of fighting for good Governance which fully recognizes freedom of speech and many other human rights that were being seriously infringed by the two , that you are now comfortably enjoying without knowing the source.

The way you are reasoning, I can only [guess] you were born in 80’s hence you are yet to grasp Kenya’s socio-political development and the chief players.

Therefore as you try to understand these historical facts I can only advise you to go slow by stopping pointing your fingers at the wrong people or people you do not understand their past.

In addition you should shade the tribal undertone that is evident in your write up however much you struggle to hide it.

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