Prof Yash Ghai Calls for Kibaki’s Impeachment

17 Mar

Prof. Yash Ghai Calls for Kibaki’s Impeachment.

Is anyone surprised by this salvo from all people Prof Ghai? About the only thing he has misstated is that Kenya is not a party in the ICC case; the Kenya government of 2007 and 08 is very much an unnamed and un-indicted co-conspirator in the case and without its involvement, we will not be talking about crimes against humanity.

Although as Prof Ghai argues a case of impeachment can be made against Kibaki, I am not sure this is a good idea simply because we have relatively smaller headaches we need to take a collective aspirin and cure than trying to impeach a president on a constitution that has yet to be implemented.

Prof. Ghai has, however, done good in this article by laying bare for Kibaki and all to see the wrongfulness and unconstitutionality of his conduct one hopes it’s a good jolt for the president and his cadre to stem the tide.

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