Who is our First Lady in Kenya?

16 Mar

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Murugi and like-minded politicians in Kenya are a perennial nightmare for the country; they are ever so consumed with plotting and scheming against Raila nothing else seems to matter in their lives. However, Murugi is outdoing herself in trying to sully the First Lady Ida Odinga’s name. Yes, I say First Lady and that is no disrespect for the other First Lady, Lucy Kibaki. Let me explain myself: had the elections of 07 been conducted in conformity with the law, to put it mildly, all of these would be non-issues.

The elections were not conducted in conformity with law and thus the creation of the coalition government structure we have of having a president and a co-equal prime minister. Given the constitution recognizes that the two leaders are co-equal under the law, then it follows that their respective wives share equally in their state roles which are nowhere defined in the constitution. Traditionally, however, the wife of the leader of a country, is the First Lady. However, where as in this case, you have two equal leaders of the country under the law, then it follows their wives are respectively First Ladies; in other words, we have twin First Ladies.

This being the case, it follows therefore that both Shaban and Murugi come second to First Lady Ida and First Lady Lucy in all matters protocol and everything else of public interest or concern.

As to the MPs accusing the PM for “misusing” public resources to have First Lady Ida Odinga in the Kenya delegation, all one needs to know to see the hypocrisy and motivation of this bunch is that none of them would have raised the same accusation against the president had it been First Lady Lucy Kibaki who was in the delegation.


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2 responses to “Who is our First Lady in Kenya?

  1. Steve

    November 29, 2011 at 4:25 AM

    asiye kubali kushindwa ni Raila Odinga


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