My comments and analysis of recent news and headline stories from Kenya

16 Mar

My comments and analysis of news and headline stories as from Kenya as published in the source for the news and stories:

February 16, 2011
Headline: Kibaki, Muthaura, security chiefs meet envoys over ICC deferral bidAny one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council can defeat Kibaki’s effort to defer ICC prosecution of the named suspects. Two of the members, US and UK, have stated they will oppose therefore defeat the efforts to defer. What then is Kibaki dispatching Kenya’s envoys to do? Clearly it must be something apparent only to him and his team but whatever that is, it cannot be good.

February 17, 2011
Headline: [Speaker Marende’s] Ruling stuns PNU but excites ODM

Speaker Marende’s ruling today on the constitutionality of the list of nominees sent to parliament by Kibaki is the correct and right one as a matter of law and no one can disagree if they were serious. The ruling is not only the correct and right one, it is historic and a testament of a country’s conciousness as to the meaning of our new Constitution. Speaker Marende must be praised and prayed for in his stewardship of Parliament and its role in the new Kenya.

February 18, 2011
Headline: Uhuru dares PM to popularity contest [in Parliament]

The function of parliament is to pass laws after reasonable debate by presumably reasonable and well thought out representatives, even though sometimes both remain wanting. It is certainly not a place for popularity contest for the sake of popularity contest as Uhuru seems to believe. Relegating parliament to that level demeans it and one would hope we have matured as a country beyond such antics.

February 18, 2011
Headline: Kibaki fights back

If history teaches us anything, it is how many times we fail to learn from it. Kibaki takes note of his contribution in the promulgation of the new Constitution yet he is acting as if it doesn’t exist, preferring to do things the old fashioned way: let’s have Gicheru and his other buddies in the judiciary swing this thing his way. The problem is, Gicheru is already on the record saying the nomination in unconstitutional; so has the AG, the Constitutional Court in its preliminary ruling, the Speaker, and all lawyers who have spoken on this, including those not on ODM camp; did the geniuses advising Kibaki not tell him this?

February 18, 2011
Nominations Impasse: let reason prevail [commentary]

One hopes every politician in Kenya, especially those hellbent on pursuing short-sited, selfish and ill-advised objectives with no regard for the public interest get to read and re-read this solemn commentary; the case for common sense, reason and nationalism made in the commentary could not be stated any better.

February 21, 2011
Headline: Wako faults Kibaki nominations

It is said even a dead clock is right once a day; well, Mr. Wako is right on his position re Kibaki’s nominees. It is quite telling that Kibaki ignored his counsel and instead hopped on a train that’s about to derail and cause havoc, if its momentum is not halted by the only trio that can do so and that is the 3 judge panel. We are all holding our collective breaths and praying for them. Amen.

February 21, 2011
Why Kibaki withdrew list of nominees

Here is how I believe the history books will record this saga: In waging war against the nation, the field generals Uhuru, Muthaura and Ruto ill-advised their Commander In Chief, leading to major defeat of the Commander and his generals who surrendered and sought forgiveness from the nation. A peace loving nation obliged. Now, let’s hope a lesson is learned and never again go down this road; this is a new Kenya indeed.

February 27, 2011
Headline: Kenya’s Grand Coalition enters its last lap

It is indeed the final lap of a 3000m 2-man steeplechase race with man eating creatures in the deep ends of the water jumps lurking for a political kill for either of them who falls in it. Never mind Kibaki had an advantage from the start, having falsely started without being disqualified; Raila has done a good job in catching up with him and if they both hang on and cross the finish line, only the man eating creatures will be disappointed.

There is of course the question what happens when the race is over. One would hope Kibaki goes into retirement with some pride of accomplishment everything considered while Raila basks in the glory of victory having finished first in this grueling race.

February 27, 2011
Headline: Uhuru: Raila name soiled with chaos

Uhuru is not a credible presidential candidate for 2012 because (1) he lost miserably in 2002 largely because he was propped up there by Moi and had nothing else (2) he has since failed to show any reason he should not be rejected again (3) his recent table-banging and uncontrolled outburst only go to confirm this. If I were Uhuru I would try to work with Raila as opposed to Ruto and company.

March 2, 2011
Headline: Kosgey trial starts with state calling 22 witnesses

Given the time he has been at the till, Kosgey gets an A for not having a collection of corruption charges but even with these few, he was not charged or otherwise made to pay. The irony of it all is the government will never prove this one case they have brought against him. The case won’t even feature in his life story but abandoning Raila for tribal reasons will and that is unfortunate indeed.

March 5, 2011
Headline: Uhuru, Ruto, Raila wars take a new twist.

ODM should expel every single one of these rebel MPs and recruit progress minded candidates to campaign against them. ODM supporters in the diaspora will certainly mobilize and offer support to defeat these renegades. This need not be the case, however; these MPs should come down from their high horses and join their party leader in working to move the country forward.

March 6, 2011
Headline:Kibaki under pressure to drop ODM advisors

Kiunjuri says Ruto’s allying himself with PNU has rejuvenated the party. If Ruto’s dogged attacks on Raila based on lies, distortions and innuendo is rejuvenating PNU, then the party is in worse shambles than I thought and this confirms that it has no agenda to move the country forward. Plotting to prevent Raila from being reelected president without more is obviously not helpful in that regard.

Kibaki and his futile efforts to defer ICC prosecution of Ruto & Company

March 4, 2011
Headline: Kibaki unleashes five ministers to lobby for deferral of Kenya ICC casesAny of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council can defeat Kibaki’s effort to defer ICC’s prosecution of Ruto and his co-defendants. Two of the permanent members, US and UK, have categorically stated they will oppose therefore defeat any efforts to defer the prosecution. What then is Kibaki and his cadre’s objective for this so called lobbying? There cannot be any good reason for these efforts as far as the country is concerned.

As one who from the very beginning never believed anyone other than those who in fact committed criminal offenses should be prosecuted for events that occurred post-election, including Ruto, I find these efforts to lobby the UN against these odds totally mindless.

The sensible approach to address post-election violence has to be faithfulness to, or at least the absence of efforts to frustrate implementation of the new constitution and when that is done or at least when there is an appearance it is being done, then ICC can be persuaded to allow the establishment of a local tribunal to try these suspects who should be acquitted either at the Hague or in Kenya unless they in fact committed criminal offenses.

The irony is only Raila can save this bunch from going to the Hague by joining Kibaki in the quest for deferral and having a local tribunal set up to look into this but I don’t believe he could do so unless he is satisfied the culprits are not engaged in efforts to prevent or frustrate implementation of the new constitution and that there is actual judicial reform unstoppably taking place.

Kibaki’s recent about-face from torpedoing the constitution and imposing cronies in high office is a good first step going in this direction.

Murugi and like-minded politicians in Kenya are a perennial nightmare for the country; they are ever so consumed with plotting and scheming against Raila nothing else seems to matter in their lives. However, Murugi is outdoing herself in tr…ying to sully the First Lady Ida Odinga’s name. Yes, I say First Lady and that is no disrespect for the other First Lady, Lucy Kibaki. Let me explain myself: had the elections of 07 been conducted in conformity with the law, to put it mildly, all of these would be non-issues.The elections were not conducted in conformity with law and thus the creation of the coalition government structure we have of having a president and a co-equal prime minister. Given the constitution recognizes that the two leaders are co-equal under the law, then it follows that their respective wives share equally in their state roles which are nowhere defined in the constitution. Traditionally, however, the wife of the leader of a country, is the First Lady. However, where as in this case, you have two equal leaders of the country under the law, then it follows their wives are respectively First Ladies; in other words, we have twin First Ladies.

This being the case, it follows therefore that both Shaban and Murugi come second to First Lady Ida and First Lady Lucy in all matters protocol and everything else of public interest or concern.

As to the MPs accusing the PM for “misusing” public resources to have First Lady Ida Odinga in the Kenya delegation, all one needs to know to see the hypocrisy and motivation of this bunch is that none of them would have raised the same accusation against the president had it been First Lady Lucy Kibaki who was in the delegation.

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